Korean action-comedy series “Han River Police” is coming exclusively on Disney+ this September 13!

Another series is soon to debut exclusively on Disney+ that will give us full of laughter blended with thrilling action and criminal intrigue.

Han River Police is a fictional comedy-action series that depicts the crazy antics of Seoul’s Han River Police Force as they patrol the waterways and respond to emergencies including terrorist incidents, accidents, and more.

Kwon Sang Woo transforms into a hot-tempered sergeant named Han Du Jin while Kim Hee Won portrays the role of Lieutenant Lee Chun Seok. They join forces to keep Seoul’s most iconic leisure destination safe by regularly patrolling the banks of the Han River.

They will find themselves in various bizarre situations, and witness how they will be going to solve every case.

Lee Sang Yi takes the role of malevolent Go Gi Seok, Bae Da Bin as the overly competitive Nahee, and Shin Hyeon Seung as the workout-obsessed Jisoo.

Stream Han River Police starting on September 13, only on Disney+.

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Watch the trailer here:

Source: PR from Disney+

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