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Get to know the charming national in-law, Lee Sangyi!

Lee Sangyi is on the rise after series of successful hit dramas like Once Again and Youth of May, and debuting as an official member of the group MSG Wannabe.

Let’s get to know our national in-law!

Lee Sangyi was born in Gyeonggi-do on November 27, 1991.

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He graduated from the acting department of the Korea National University of Arts (KNUA) Drama Department. This class of 2010 was legendary as some of them rose to stardom together and established their own names in the industry.

Lee Sangyi, Kim Goeun, Park Sodam, Kim Sungcheol, Ahn Eunjin, Lee Yooyoung were the names that started as just batchmates from 2010 but ended up as big names in South Korea. Imagine them as your classmates!

Before he started doing dramas and shows, he was an active musical actor who dominated the music and theater scene. He officially debuted in 2014 through the musical stage “Grease”.

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Gentleman’s Guide: Love and Murder

His first TV appearance was on the 2017 series Manhole starred by Kim Jaejoong and UEE.

He showed broad spectrum of acting as he had minor roles on Prison Playbook, To Jenny, The Third Charm and When the Camellia Blooms.

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2020 then came. He starred in the weekend drama called Once Again as Yoon Jaeseok, a happy-go-lucky charming dentist. The drama was a huge success and gained a lot of recognition and awards. Sangyi received a lot of love for his role. His role fluttered the hearts of the viewers locally and globally. He then became the national in-law.

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He also sang one of the drama’s OST titled “Why am I Like This“. Our hearts definitely fluttered! ~

For the drama Once Again, he won the Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama on APAN Star Awards. Best New Actor and Best Couple Award (with Lee Chohee) on KBS Drama Awards.

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Photo from leesangyi_ IG

A lot of opportunities has opened for him after that successful weekend drama. He received a good amount of commercials. He also appeared on different variety shows like Law of the Jungle, Knowing Bros, I Live Alone, Problem Child in the House, Running Man and Hangout with Yoo. He will be appearing on Sixth Sense 2, too!

Lee Sangyi & Ahn Eunjin guesting on Running Man.

Sangyi loves fishes, too. In his guesting on I Live Alone, he’s called the fish expert as he’s quite knowledgeable about fishes.

He starred in a very heart wrenching drama called Youth of May as Lee Soochan, brother of Sooryeon (Geum Saerok) and has a crush on the female lead, Myeonghee (Go Minsi).

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He was also casted as a member for Hangout with Yoo’s new seasonal project called MSG Wannabe alongside with 7 other wonderful singers in the industry namely Kim Jungmin, Simon Dominic, Lee Donghwi, Ji Sukjin, Parc Jaejung, Wonstein and KCM.

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MSG Wannabe has two sub-units, M.O.M and JSDK, which dropped “Foolish Love” and “Only You”. Both did incredibly well in the Korean charts even after weeks of release.


Sangyi now stars in the drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha with Shin Minah and Kim Seonho. It is a heartwarming, healing drama that tells the story of a dentist from the city and a man from the countryside who can basically do anything. He will be acting as Ji Seonghyun, a variety show PD with a bright personality. We can’t wait to see more of him on the drama!

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We will be supporting Lee Sangyi in his future projects! Fighting, sadon! ~

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