Chinese dramas have recently taken over the internet and our watchlist. Their dramas with heartwarming, fresh, and youthful stories are mostly about first love. To show the innocence of first love, their storylines happen in a high school setting.

Here are some C-dramas you might want to watch if you’re looking for a coming-of-age, romance story.

A Love So Beautiful

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Next-door neighbors, Chen Xiaoxi (played by Shen Yue) and Jiang Chen (played by Hu Yi Tian) have known each other since they were kids. Xiaoxi has always been crushing on Jiang Chen but he always avoids her affection until they reach high school. Nevertheless, she always sticks by his side, even though a new classmate, Wu Bu Song (played by Gao Zhiting) takes an interest in her.

Because of the drama’s popularity, a Korean remake was created starring Kim Yohan and So Joo Yeon.

Stream A Love So Beautiful on Viu.

A Little Thing Called First Love

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A Little Thing Called First Love follows the story of Xiao Miaomiao (played by Zhao Jin Mai), an artistic student who transfers to a new school and falls for her Math genius senior, Liang You Nian (played by Lai Guanlin) at first sight.

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Miaomiao is not the best student in Math, so she asks for help from You Nian. She decides to take her studies seriously, join clubs to improve her skills, and take care of herself more.

Stream A Little Thing Called First Love on Netflix.

Our Secret

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Our Secret is a story about classmates Zhou Si Yue (played by Chen Zhe Yuan) and Ding Xian (played by Rainbow Xu) who don’t see eye to eye. They often fought and grew to dislike one another. But when the two of them are forced to become seatmates for a year, they get to know one another and become friends. As their connection becomes deeper, they fall in love and become a part of each other’s youth.

Stream Our Secret in iQIYI.

When I Fly Towards You

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When I Fly Towards You is a coming-of-age, romance drama about Su Zaizai (played by Zhang Miaoyi) who falls for top student Zhang Lurang (played by Zhou Yiran) at first sight. Zaizai is an energetic, cheerful student while Lu Rang is a shy introverted student. Both have different personalities but form a friendship that will soon blossom into a romance as the years pass.

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Stream When I Fly Towards You on Netflix.

Hidden Love

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Heart-warming C-drama, Hidden Love follows the story Sang Zhi (played by Zhao Lusi) who has a crush on her older brother’s best friend, Duan Jiaxu (played by Chen Zheyuan) since she was 14 years old.

As Sang Zhi enters high school, she becomes closer to Jiaxu after asking for help. Soon, they break contact, but they reunite when Sang Zhi enters college. They catch up on each other’s lives and grow closer than before, leading them to slowly fall in love.

Stream Hidden Love on Netflix.

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