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Meet the girls of BLACKPINK and some reasons why we love them!

If you are new to K-Pop, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard their name countless of times already. You might even dance to their songs without recognizing that it was actually their group who’s singing.

Apart from their latest visit to the Philippines last February, BLACKPINK is once again returning to Manila for a private event all thanks to Shopee!

Let’s meet the 4 girls of this uprising girl group before they greet us once again this June 6.

1. Jennie Kim

Jennie is the group’s Main Rapper and Vocalist. She trained under YG Entertainment for almost 6 years before debuting. Jennie grew up in New Zealand where she studied thus her fluency in speaking English.

Prior debuting, she already featured some of her fellow YG artist’s songs such as Seungri’s GG Be and Lee Hi’s Special. Jennie is known for being ‘YG’s Princess’ and her bubbly and quirky personality. She previously dated EXO’s Kai and is best friends with fellow member, Jisoo.

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2. Kim Jisoo

Jisoo is BLACKPINK’s visual due to her astounding beauty. She is also the lead vocalist. She trained for 5 years before debuting. Jisoo is the lone member who was not raised abroad but can also speak in Japanese and a little Chinese. However, with Jennie’s help, Jisoo is now learning English and adjusting to it very well!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo is also a foodie, as she admits she loves eating especially rice. However, she is no fan of eating organs. Jisoo has been to numerous CFs with popular actors such as Lee Min Ho and fellow labelmate, iKON.

3. Rosé Park

Rosé (pronounced as ro-sie mga bes!) is the Korean member who was born abroad. She was born in New Zealand but was raised in Australia. Her Korean name is Park Chae Young. Rosé is the group’s Main Vocalist and Lead Dancer.

Before debuting with BLACKPINK, Rosé auditioned to YG Australia before she returned to Korea and trained there for 4 years. She has featured to G-Dragon’s song, Without You. Rosé is also famous for her thin waistline of 24 inches!

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4. Lisa Manoban

Lisa is the sole member who is not a Korean. She is born in Bangkok, Thailand under the name of Pranpriya Manoban. However, she changed her name to Lalisa which means, the one who is praised. She is BLACKPINK’s Maknae, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, and Sub-Vocalist.

Lisa is the only Thai who was accepted to YG Thailand auditions. She is childhood friends with GOT7’s Bambam as they are both from the same country. Her crazy dance moves and pretty face gains her many fans around the world!

Why We Love Them

Starting from their catchy songs, BLACKPINK gained popularity because of how they brought the Korean-wave with them wherever they go. They broke records being one of the all-female Korean girl-group to perform in Coachella yet these girls remained youthful and they never forget to connect with their fans.

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BLINKs continues to shower them their love and support in every project they had to: be it a solo debut or a TV show they appear as guests.

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Right now, BLACKPINK’s latest comeback is with Kill This Love that has swept charts and made trends with their upbeat dance moves and their catchy tune!

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Just so you know mga bes, Shopee Philippines is bringing them here this June 6 for a meet and greet opportunity!

Okay, Time to steam KTL once again:

Featured Image Source: @blackpinkofficial on Instagram

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