AO EXCLUSIVE: ‘Moving’ press conference gives story glimpse and behind-the-scenes

Last August 3, Disney+ held a press conference for their upcoming series called “Moving”, which was attended by Ryu Seungryong, Han Hyojoo, Zo Insung, Cha Taehyun, Kim Sungkyun, Kim Hiewon, Lee Jungha, Go Youngjung, Kim Dohoon, Writer Kangfull, and Director Park Inje.

The press conference showed four different clips detailing character introductions and one clip showing the behind-the-scenes process. It also featured a question-and-answer portion where the casts and directors shared their experiences, character introductions, and a glimpse into the production process.

Here are the highlights of the press conference:

Secret Agents Trio

Ryu Seungryong, who plays Jang Juwon, shared about how his character can still feel pain, despite having regenerative abilities. Juwon’s life felt aimless, until he met his wife and had his child, Huisoo.

Han Hyojoo mentioned how her character, Lee Mihyun, has superhuman senses. She was in-charge of watching over Doosik. They ended up falling in love and having Bongseok.

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Zo Insung, who plays Kim Doosik, talks about how his character is the best black agent who handles a lot of highly confidential missions.

“I would love to talk to you more about it, but it’s highly confidential,” he joked.

Adults Trio

Cha Taehyun plays Jeon Gyedo, who was not in the original webtoon. Gyedo can generate electricity. He also states that his character takes on the ‘lighter side’ of the show, giving the viewers time to breathe when he shows up.

Kim Sungkyun plays Lee Jaeman, a very mild-tempered and reserved person. He doesn’t talk much, but will reveal his superhuman strength when his family is in danger. He loves his son, Ganghoon, a lot.

Kim Hiewon plays Choi Ilhwan, a mysterious teacher with no superpowers. “I have the best power of all which is love, filled with love for the students,” he stated.

High School Students Trio

Lee Jungha plays Kim Bongseok, who is the only one who has two abilities; superhuman senses (inherited from his mother) and flying (inherited from his father). At a young age, he lived with the pressure to hide his powers. But when he met Huisoo, he started awakening his true value.

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Go Youngjung plays Jang Huisoo, who inherited regenerative powers from his father. Due to an emotional event, Huisoo realized her powers. She wants to console and connect with other people that are in the same situation.

Kim Dohoon plays Lee Ganghoon, who inherited superhuman strength from his father. He hides his superpowers and is a very responsible class president.

Behind the scenes

Director Park Inje mentioned how during the production process, he would go to the CG company to confirm edited shots. It took one year of shooting, and around eight months or one year for post production.

Writer Kangfull stated that originally he thought Moving will only be around 12-16 episodes. However, he wanted a deep dive into each of the characters and their background stories, thus extending it to 20 episodes.

“What’s really important for stories is not just a narrative, but the characters,” he said.

“[Moving] is a very ‘Korean’ superhero series, there is a lot of ‘Koreanness’ to it so to speak. But, nevertheless, it transcends culture, and so I feel like the global audiences will be entertained, and I feel like it will also tug at your heartstrings too. As much as I want the Korean audiences to love it, I also look forward to and hope that global audiences will find the show as entertaining and intriguing as well,” Taehyun finishes and thanks the audience for their participation in the press conference.

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“Moving” is set to release on August 9 on Disney+. Seven episodes will be available upon its release.

Photo courtesy of Disney+

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