Running Man’s 12th Anniversary: 12 Fun Episodes to Binge Watch

July is here, and we all know what it means. It’s Running Man‘s anniversary! Yayy!

South Korean variety show Running Man was originally a part of SBS’ Good Sunday schedule. The race requires members and guests to perform a number of missions and games, which is why it was first categorized as an ‘urban action variety.’

Image Source: SBS ‘Running Man’

The show premiered on July 11, 2010, and as of the time of writing this article, there have been 611 episodes!

On August 15, 2021, the production team happily announced that the show had officially surpassed MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ to become the longest-running Korean variety show after broadcasting 564 episodes.

Image Source: SBS ‘Running Man’

Weekly fresh episodes of Running Man are still being broadcast after 12 years. And to celebrate another Running Man’s milestone, here are some of the most memorable and funniest episodes of the show.

Episode 1

Screenshot from Episode 1

Running Man’s first episode is notable because it marked the show’s beginning. Re-watching the show’s first episode and the introduction of the cast makes us feel nostalgic because we can see the cast members 12 years younger and as they are all just starting to establish themselves in the entertainment world.

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Episode 8

The teams must earn the running balls for this episode to win. Many people recall this episode for Kang Gary‘s unexpectedly romantic comment about Song Jihyo, which was the couple’s indication of their potential love line. The birth of Monday Couple!

Episode 50

Screenshot from Episode 50

For this episode, Running Man members traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, along with guests Kim Minjung and Nickhun. It’s a very exciting episode as the cast members and visitors perform several missions in Thailand.

Episode 60

This episode was centered on Gary. The members deceived him into thinking that he did a terrific job as a spy, whereas in reality they already knew that Gary was assigned the lead role.

Screenshot from Episode 60

You’ll undoubtedly be surprised and puzzled by this episode. Who actually won this episode is another mystery that has not yet been solved until now.

Episode 63

Screenshot from Episode 63

Each player was partnered with SNSD member, and the teams were competed to determine which couple would win the episode. Although there have been many couple races in the past, this episode undoubtedly set the bar in terms of humor, rivalry, and unpredictable outcomes.

Episode 104

Screenshot from Episode 104

The members faced off against seven idols in this episode. Even though it wasn’t the first time the entire Running Man members competed together, it was the first time the show openly criticized the idea of humor against attractiveness.

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Episode 131

Screenshot from Episode 131

This episode caused some excitement among the cast of the show as well as the fans. Due to Choo Sunghoon’s appearance as a guest, Kim Jongkook finally found his match. The tense and fierce ddakji game also added great anticipation to this episode.

Episode 267

The members are imprisoned in a warehouse for this episode, and they must come to three unanimity decisions in order to finish the mission. This episode is really touching since it shows how the group members cooperate and trust one another to make the same choice.

Episode 346

Gary, one of the original members of Running Man, left the show a few episodes before this one. The show’s production crew intends to add two new cast members and somewhat alter the missions and games. Jeon Somin and Yang Sechan, the newest members, were presented to the Runners in this episode.

Episode 440

Members first set out in pairs, then in teams of four to earn more money, while the remaining players play alone. They struggle throughout many missions in an effort to acquire more and win money.

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To protect the money collected every minute, the Mission Team must ultimately conceal and stay away from the Chasing Team for the remainder of the time.

Episode 511

Screenshot from Episode 511

As they commemorate their ten-year anniversary, the members choose their roles for this episode. The two thieves must take as many gold bars from CEO Big Nose’s three safe boxes as possible and move them to the thieves’ safe box, while the members must locate and apprehend them.

Episode 559

Runners who have known Kwangsoo for 11 years as a part of Running Man have undoubtedly been moved to tears by his final episode as a cast member. The premise of the episode is that Kwangsoo must atone for his sins during his variety performance in order to have his sentence reduced.

And at the very end of the show, the heartwarming twist is eventually disclosed.

Among the ones listed, which one is your favorite, and which would you recommend new viewers to watch? Leave us a comment below!

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