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[BREAKING] Lee Kwang Soo To Depart ‘Running Man’ After 11 Years

It is a sad day for all the global Runners and Lee Kwang Soo fans out there.

Lee Kwang Soo’s label, King Kong by Starship has confirmed that the actor will leave Running Man after 11 years of being a fixed member.

According to the label, Kwang Soo continues to receive rehabilitation treatment due to his accident from last year. There were times that the actor felt that he is not in his best condition during filming. Kwang Soo’s decision has been discussed with the crew and his fellow members. Leaving the program will allow him to recover quickly and come back in our screens as an actor.

His final filming will be on May 24th, and might be released sometime in June.

Please refer to King Kong by Starship’s statement below:

Good morning. This is King Kong by Starship.

We would like to inform you that Actor Lee Kwang-soo will leave SBS’ Running Man. His last episode is on May 24.

Lee Kwang-soo was constantly undergoing rehabilitation treatment due to injuries caused by accidents last year, but he there are times that he still find it difficult to maintain his condition. After a long discussion with the members, the production crew, and the agency, Kwang Soo decided to leave to completely recover physically and mentally from the past years of working.

It wasn’t easy to make a decision for him to leave because of the 11 years he had spent with the members, but he needs to take some time off to recover quickly and great fans in his future activities.

We sincerely thank you for the interest and love you have sent to Lee Kwang Soo during his time on Running Man.

Let’s all wish Kwang Soo a healthy recovery! We will definitely miss you, our most beloved Spy and Giraffe!

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