Let’s get to know Running Man’s Kkangkkang: Yang Sechan!

As Sechan’s celebrating his birthday today, let’s get to know more the head of Kkangkkang Land!

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Yang Sechan is a South Korean comedian and singer, born on December 8, 1986.

Early Career

Yang Sechan made his debut with the musical duo ‘Uwonye’ and ‘Triple Axel’ in 2003. He then debuted as a performer two years later with the album ‘Only One’ in 2008.

In the same year, he won the Excellence Comedy Award at the SBS Entertainment Awards. He then appeared in the fourth season of MBC’s reality show We Got Married in 2016, alongside Park Narae.

Image Source: SBS

Other variety programs flooded in when he joined Running Man, making 2017 by far the busiest year for him. On MBCevery1, a subsidiary network of broadcasting giant MBC, he joined the cast of ‘Food Map Season 3’. He also appeared in the MBC pilot ‘Thinking about My Bias’.

He most recently starred alongside the Brave Brothers and Running Man co-host Jeon Somin on the first four episodes of Living Together in Empty Room.

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Running Man

On April 3, 2017, Yang Sechan joined the original cast for his first Running Man shoot. He and actress Jeon Somin are the show’s youngest members, both having been born in 1986. In episodes 321 and 323, he made his appearance on Running Man as a guest.

Image Source: SBS Running Man

When the producers wanted to add new cast members, he was invited in for an audition since he made such an impression on the program and had such strong chemistry with the ensemble.

He soon established himself as one of the unlucky members, frequently getting the short end of the stick throughout missions. He was given the moniker “kkangkkang” because he is frequently mocked by cast members for being placed 8th out of everyone when it comes to quizzes and other missions.

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