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TRENDZ’ Yechan, adorable maknae on call!

Every K-pop fan’s biggest dream is to interact with their idols. There are so many ways to do that and one of these is the video call event (VCE), that has come to light during the pandemic. It is where you will have a chance to talk to your favs through video call for 1 minute or more, depending on the event’s guidelines.

Image source: hellolive

On July 9, the South Korean rookie group, TRENDZ, held their video call event for their second mini-album, Blue Set Chapter 2 via hellolive, and Annyeong Oppa had a chance to talk to their adorable rapper and maknae named Yechan for a two-happiest-minutes.

Nervousness, happiness, and get starstruck will all appear in one way once you are face-to-face with an idol and with a thought that he can hear you and you will talk for two minutes! With that, Yechan is even more adorable and polite which will make you ‘kilig’ and ’tili’ at the end.

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When asked about the concept he wanted to do in the future, he replied that he wanted to do a cute, bright, and refreshing concept with the group. Currently, they have two connected albums titled Blue Set Chapter 1. Tracks and Blue Set Chapter 2. Choice, since debuting with angst and cool concept.

Yechan also shared that he wants to collaborate with Stray Kids because they are cool and good. Moreover, we asked him for his favorite song on the album and he chose Awake, he also sang a chorus of their other song FOREVER MORE and after hearing his singing voice via call, my heart went wild again.

To all Filipino Friendz, Yechan has a message for us, ‘ I love you and see you’ and also said the magical word, ‘mahal kita’. I’m kiliiiiiig~!

TRENDZ is a rookie boy group that debuted in January 2022 under Interpark Music Plus. They are consists of seven members namely Havit, Leon, Yoonwoo, Hankook, ra.L, Eunik, and Yechan.

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Image source: Trendz_offcl

Listen to their new song below!

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