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Things you need to know about actress-entertainer Jeon So Min

Written by: RCSM of Jeon So Min Tadpoles Global Fan Group

Jeon So Min (전소민) is a South Korean actress known for her 2013 drama, Princess Aurora’ She has acted in various dramas and is now known as the cheerful member of the globally-loved variety show, Running Man. 

She was born on April 7, 1986, in Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea. She graduated from Dongduk Women’s University with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment. 



Jeon So Min made her debut in the sitcom ‘Miracle’ in 2004. She also had a small role as Hye Won in the movie ‘Cinderella’ in 2006.

Her major break came with the lead role in the series ‘Princess Aurora’ in 2013, for which she won the ‘Best New Actress Award’ at the MBC Drama Awards.

Some of her television series include ‘Tomorrow Victory’ in 2015, ‘Something About 1 Percent’ in 2016, ‘Cross’, and ‘Top Star Yoo Baek’ in 2018.

She also the lead in special dramas such as ‘Blazing Sonata’ in 2011, ‘Review Notebook Of My Embarrassing Days’ in 2017, and ‘Big Data Romance’ in 2019.

In 2020, she starred in her first lead role in the movie ‘My Name’ which was released in South Korea in October. 

Jeon So Min with the promotional poster of ‘My Name’
Photo courtesy of King Kong by Starship Entertainment

Variety Gem

After two remarkable guestings on the show, Jeon So Min became a regular member of Running Man in April 2017.

She is known for her characters such as a betrayer, “Magnet Lady”, “Fart Lady”, and is now also playing as the “Love Frog”, who loves romance and easily falls in love with male guests. 

Being a member who exudes undeniable charm and wits, she won the ‘Rookie Award’ in 2017 and the ‘Top Excellence Award in Variety’ in 2018 at the SBS Entertainment Awards. 

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Photo courtesy of SBS

In September 2020, she became one of the regular members of the reality-variety show ‘Sixth Sense’. The show received praises for its concept and amazing chemistry of the cast despite only having eight episodes in its first season. 

Photo courtesy of tvN


In January 2020, Jeon So Min published her first book entitled “You Can Call Me After A Drink”, which is a collection of her poetry. In March 2021, the hand-drawing edition of the first book was released. The new edition features her own handwriting and drawings. 

Singer-songwriter / Lyricist

In 2014, Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan revealed his new duet single called ‘He_Starlight’ featuring actress Jeon So Min.

In 2019, Jeon So Min became one of the lyricists for the song ‘Confession Of Your Love’, which was performed with fellow Running Man member, Yoo Jae Suk, in collaboration with SORAN band for the show’s 9th Anniversary Fanmeet in South Korea. 

In March 2021, she revealed to have collaborated with musician Choi Botton by writing the lyrics and doing the narrations for four EP albums from the album ‘Normal Red’, entitled “I Love You”. 

Dancing Queen

Being Running Man’s official Dancing Queen, Jeon So Min has proved she’s ever-reliable in dance challenges and missions. 


Jeon So Min had different hosting jobs that showed her versatility as a calm, classy, and composed artist contrary to her variety image. 

MCs Leeteuk, Jeon So Min, and Gongchan are emceeing on the stage of ‘The 25th 2019 Dream Concert’ held in Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium on May 18th.
Photo courtesy of Hanteo News
Jeon So Min with fellow actors Lee Dong Wook, Kim Bum, Song Seung Heon, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Lee Kwang Soo at the Tiktok Stage: Men And Mission event in 2020.
Photo courtesy of King Kong By Starship Entertainment
Jeon So Min with Kim Jong Kook hosting APAN Music Awards in 2021
Photo Courtesy of King Kong By Starship Entertainm


Before her debut as an actress, Jeon So Min was in a fashion magazine as a model of a skincare routine. 

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Jeon So Min was awarded as ‘Brand Loyalty Leader’ at the Brand Customer Loyalty Awards in 2019.

She also won the ‘Female Commercial Model Award’ in 2018 and ‘Best Multi-Entertainer’ in 2020 at the Korea First Brand Awards. 

Jeon So Min attends the photo wall event at the ‘2019 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards’
Photo courtesy of SBSfunE
Photos courtesy of Goutter Paris, Tsingtao Korea, Miguhara, Miero Fiber



Jeon So Min has been appointed as the ambassador for ‘Recycling Your Bicycle’. It is an event that rewards sales of classic bicycles by donating used bicycles. 

During the ceremony, Jeon So Min said, “I am honored to participate in a good event together, and I will participate in many activities as an ambassador for the environment and society.”

Photo courtesy of


Jeon So Min is appointed as a PR ambassador for the eradication of the 4 social evils. (4 Great Social Policies: Sexual, School and Domestic Violence + Bad Food Distribution)

“I feel great pride and reward to be able to participate in public relations activities to protect the safety and happiness of citizens,” Jeon So Min said. 

Photo courtesy of


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This ‘Privacy Campaign’ was held by The Korea Communications Commission along with the Personal Information Protection Association and three mobile telecommunication companies. 

The campaign is part of self-regulatory activities to more securely protect the personal information of mobile phone users in the mobile communication field. 

Photo courtesy of @privacycampaign on Instagram

Aside from being an ambassador, she is also a participant in various social causes and environmental campaigns. 

Her latest participation was in 2020 when she decided to donate her handmade ceramics at the WeAja Charity Flea auction. 

“I sympathize with the meaning of sharing and made pottery for WeAja flea market” she said. 

Photos courtesy of @westart_weaja on Instagram 


Jeon So Min also showed her love and skills for arts in different television programs and occasions.

Art works shown in the reality show ‘Outrageous Roommate’ in 2017.

Some of her works were posted on her official Instagram account @jsomin86:

Early this year, the hand-drawing edition of her book ‘You Can Call Me After A Drink’ was released. It features her own drawings and doodles. 

Photo courtesy of @bookrum.official on Instagram

Happy Virus

Staying true to the meaning of her name ‘Bright Autumn Sky’, Jeon So Min is one of the brightest personalities you’ll see on television. Despite the undeserved hate and hardships, she has kept her positive outlook in life and beautiful smile through everything. She’s truly an energy booster and mood maker wherever she goes!

Photos courtesy of SBS, tvN, King Kong By Starship Entertainment 

One of a kind individual

For her fans, Jeon So Min’s Instagram account is like an open diary that she’s ready to share with the world. From the year she created the account up until this day, she has been posting personal things about her life. Her account consists of her memories, the movies and series that she’s watching, the songs that she’s listening to, her hobbies such as cooking, baking, and pottery, her travels, her love for photography, her love for flowers, and even the random things she finds amusing and beautiful. 

Here’s a look at Jeon So Min’s Instagram account (@jsomin86):

She is known to be a lovable and generous daughter and sister. She posted some moments with her parents and brother on her account. 

She is also known as a good friend especially to the people she has worked with in the past. Away from any spotlight, she tends to strengthen her relationships with the people around her with genuine love and care. 

Actor Kim Hyung Min and his family became Jeon So Min’s closest friends and neighbors.
Photos courtesy of @leesee___u on Instagram
Jeon So Min with her long-time showbiz and non-showbiz friends.
Photos courtesy of @jsomin86 @makeup_ji02 @leetaekyung8662 @lim_doyoon on Instagram

Lastly, much to her fans’ delight, she’s known to personally use fans’ gifts. A grateful and appreciative person. How can we not love her? 

She’s always been in touch with her reality. Down-to-earth and always her real self.

This cheerful and charming fairy is celebrating her 35th birthday (36th in Korean age) this April and we’re all cheering her on and wishing her well!

Stay happy and keep on smiling, Jeon So Min! 

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