Heart Thief in Manila: Seo Kang Jun shows off his Charming Side in his Press Conference; Invites Fan for his Fan Meeting Tomorrow

South Korean actor Seo Kang Jun has stole so many hearts in his press conference.

On May 24, Seo Kang Jun has officially arrived in Manila. On the same day, his press conference was held in Studio 7 of GMA Center.

Guess what! Team Annyeong Oppa is one of the media partners for the said event. Correspondingly, we are so excited to share to all of you the happenings on that day.


Seo Kang Jun’s press conference was hosted by Binibining Pilipinas Patricia Tumulak. For that day, JBK was also present who performed their hit Maibalik. Then, Nasser Amparna has also serenaded the crowd with his The Chaser; which is also the GMA official sound track of Are You Human?

Moreover, the three of them have seriously played big roles for the event. The audience was hyped through the hosting and performances! Furthermore, The Chasers is such a good song; you will love and enjoy it while watching Are You Human? of GMA Heart of Asia.

Interview (Part 1)

Here are the highlight questions asked to Seo Kang Jun and his answers!

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When he was asked, “What are your impressions of your Filipino fans?” He quickly answered that his Filipino fans are so beautiful! Yes, you’ve read that right, mga bes.

Next, “How do you feel about being an international artist?” He humbly said that he don’t think that he is an international artist; but upon hearing a title like this motivates him more in doing his best in his projects.

Then, “If your life story were to be made into a movie, what genre would it be? Why?” He jokingly answered that it would be a documentary as he doesn’t think that his life is not a horror material.

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Followed by, “Your fan meeting is titled The Last Charm. Do you consider yourself a charmer in any way?” He stated that it would be his eyes in external based on his fans. While it would be his honesty for his internal charm.

Interview (Part 2)

Afterwards, Seo Kang Jun was also asked; “Do you know any Tagalog words?” He mentioned kumusta ka and mahal (as expensive) aside from mahal kita from his greeting video.

Subsequently, “What made you decide to visit the Philippines and hold your fan meeting here?” He lovely answered that it is his first time visiting Philippines. In which, he never had the chance to meet his Filipino fans; so through his fan meeting, he is so excited to meet and get to know his Filipino fans. Aside from that, he said that he is honored to take the opportunity because it’s not something he can do as he wants to.

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Lastly, “What’s your message to your Filipino fans?” He charmingly stated that he is so happy to meet all of his Filipino fans. Moreover, he is hoping that he will be able to make wonderful moments with his fans in his fan meet. Ending it with, “Mahal kita.”

Isn’t Seo Kang Jun is so great in giving us satisfying and funny answers? In fact, he just did it just by being himself and voicing out his thoughts. With that, we can totally say that there are so many reasons to love and support him; especially with his fan meeting wherein he invited his Filipino fans to attend to and enjoy the night with him.


Before leaving the stage, Seo Kang Jun bid his goodbye to his fans. He simply shows off his sweetest smile while waiving but he is already stunning on stage!

Overall, Seo Kang Jun is such a great heart thief. He just stole so many hearts in the press conference with his charming, humble, and joker sides. Moreover, we cannot deny how dashing he is! For sure, more sides of him will be known and revealed on his fan meet.

With all the overflowing joy, love, and support we have for Seo Kang Jun; don’t forget to buy your tickets for his The Last Charm fan meeting on May 25 at New Frontier Theater. In addition, you can already watch the premiere of Are You Human? this May 27, after Love You Two, on GMA Telebabad!

The Annyeong Oppa would also like to extend our gratitude to CDM Entertainment and GMA 7 for a great event! To BerceEnterprise, Maxexperience Entertainment, and Fantagio, thank you as well for the effort and all. Of course, to Seo Kang Jun; thank you for doing your best in everything and for unending love for your fans!

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