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“My Name” casts details their characters and how they prepared for the role!

HAN SO HEE — You might recognize her as the “colorblind” Nabi in “Nevertheless” and the “mistress” Da Kyung in “The World of the Married.” However, in “My Name,” she plays a woman who joins a drug cartel and becomes a police informant in order to discover the truth behind her father’s death. 

In an exclusive press conference, Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, Ahn Bo Hyun, Jan Yull Kim Sang Ho, Director Kim Jin Min, and Lee Hak Ju share more details on the production of “My Name.”

The story of My Name

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This Netflix original series will follow Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee), a woman who joins an organized criminal ring and infiltrates the police as an undercover agent under their supervision in order to uncover the truth about her father’s death.

“This is the story of someone seeking revenge. Han So-hee’s character meets all of these different characters while she walks the solemn path of getting revenge for her father’s death.” Director Kim Jin-Min shared. 

Action series were often headlined by male actors but “My Name” challenged the norm by making the protagonist female. 

“Dark noir is very macho and a mens’ world. When I read the script for my name, I thought it was very original because the main character is female. All of those complex emotions that come from unfolding her story as well as the dynamic characters we see, I could feel the passion and heat in that story. Director Kim Jin-min did an amazing job in Directing extracurricular, so I had great trust in him.” Park Hee Son explained. 

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Han Soo Hee then shared that the role is a new challenge for her and she felt very drawn to the series. 

“The sole mission of my character is revenge. Her desperation and determination were something I could really feel of the pages of the script.”

Ahn Bo Hyun shared that he is a huge fan of the director and the series Extracurricular. He even finished reading the script one sitting and he expressed that he always wanted to do an action noir.

“My Name” casts details their characters and how they prepared for the role. 

When asked about her character Jiwoo, Han So Hee said that she admired Jiwoo’s determination and the strength that she carries.

“Jiwoo is everything. That’s the kind of character she is. Jiwoo has to witness her father’s death at a very young age, and she has no choice but to go on this path. I feel for her but at the same time, I admire her determination and the strength that she carries.”

Park Hee Soon as Mujin. “Mujin is the head of the Dongcheon cartel and he’s also the CEO of a hotel. When he meets his friend’s daughter who wants to avenge her father’s death, he accepts her and lets her join his cartel. When he trusts someone, he trusts them completely. However, he has a chilling charisma in that he will not give anyone a second chance.”

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Ahn Bo Hyun revealed that he worked out and gained weight for the role. “Since my character is the ace of the unit, he has to be good at everything. He has a strong set of values and he’s very focused on wiping out the drug cartel. It’s not just me though, everyone went through extensive training and action schools. I worked out and gained weight for the role.”

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Kim Sang Ho as Cha Giho. “Cha Giho is the team leader of the Drug Investigative Unit. Catching the head of a drug cartel is different from other operations. You have to be strategic and you have to have a good ace like Bo Hyun. I’m the mastermind behind strategies.”

Lee Hak Ju as Tae Ju. “Tae-ju is the right-hand man of Mujin. He’s very loyal to his boss and he’s always standing by him. While my character is quiet, there were a lot of dynamic emotional changes I had to display.”

Jang Yull shared that Bo Hyun helped him a lot in the process. He worked hard to lose weight for the role. “Gangjae is a member of the Dongcheon cartel and he’s the youngest. He wants to be acknowledged by all of the members, and he has a strong aspiration to be the best. Gangjae wants to be like his older brothers. He never hides that aspiration, but he is a bit childish I worked hard to lose weight to be more like Gangjae on the outside. Bo Hyun helped me a lot in the process.”

Moreover, all the cast members were trained to develop their action scenes. 

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How Han So Hee landed the role of Jiwoo

Director Kim Jin Minrecalled that Han So Hee said “Yes” immediately and and she didn’t even go through a manager to give him an answer.

“I asked Han So-hee two questions: Do you want to do it or not? And Are you going to practice? I told her that it will be a lot of responsibility and there is a chance she could get injured. I also told her that it could be a great opportunity for her as well. I really want to thank Han So-hee the most.”

Han So Hee shared some of her characters’ inspiration 

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“There are different styles of martial arts and one of the martial arts directors pointed out the style of “Atomic Blonde” which is a more long-take style. So I looked at different titles likeAtomic Blonde and “The Old Guard” for inspiration. The biggest challenge regarding action was hurting others. If I didn’t practice enough, I could hurt others and I really didn’t want that, so I practiced a lot to finish the series safely.” 

“It was a lot of fun and a great honor to be able to bring “My Name” to you. I ask for a lot of love and support.” said Han So Hee.

“My Name” is now streaming on Netflix!

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