6 Hit Songs by Jessi that You Should Include in Your Playlist!

You should add her songs, because she is that nuna!

Ho Hyun Ju, is one of the rising Korean hiphop artist known as Jessi. She is an American-born Korean singer who moved to South Korea to pursue her career in singing when she was 15. She returned to the US some time in 2009 to take a break from music. Now with her shot to stardom, Jessi has been gaining a lot of attention with her straightforward and intimidating personality as well as her variety shows.

You’ve probably seen clips of her messing around in your variety show screens: Running Man, My Little Old Boy, and Problem Child in the House.

Aside from her strong variety personality, Jessi is actually one of the front-runners with the current trends in K-Hip Hop today. If you only heard two of her recent hits, mind you take a listen to the following songs below:

Song #1: Unpretty Dreams

Back in 2015, Jessi participated in the first season of Unpretty Rapstar, a spin-off of Show Me The Money, a female version of the hip-hop survival program. She finished first-runner up in this program, with Cheetah as the grand winner.

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Song #2: Gucci

After gaining more recognition from Unpretty Rapstar, Jessi was able to release her first mini-album, Un2verse with Gucci.

Song #3: Who Dat B

She then moved to PSY’s label, P-Nation as one of the early signed artists. She released her first single under the label, Who Dat B in September 2019.

Song #4: Drip (feat. Jay Park)

Two months after Who Dat B, Jessi worked with AOMG’s Jay Park for Drip.

Song #5: Numb

Before we forgot, Jessi initially debuted as a singer, and I guess her song, Numb is a reminder of that! This song is part of her most recent album, Nuna released in July 2020.

Song #6: What Type of X

After months of waiting, Jessi dropped her latest release, What Type of X last March 2021.

Jessi’s journey to fame is indeed full of uncertainty. Her experiences is a constant reminder for us to never give up on our dreams and to of course, keep it real, yo!

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Bonus Track: Nunu Nana

Of course we can never leave this one song out (even though we are pretty sure you’ve included this already). The main track of her Nuna album, Jessi dropped this hit and she was joined by Lee Hyori in the music video.

So what about you bes? Do you have any songs by Jessi that you want to recommend to us? Drop them in the comments below! And to Jessi nuna, we are cheering for you! Girl power!

Featured Image from P Nation’s Instagram

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