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7 Reasons why “So Not Worth It” is worth-watching!

Want a show that is light, entertaining, and will give you a good laugh? 

So Not Worth It would probably be a good recommendation for you. This 12-episode Netflix original series that was released in June 18 tells us the story of multi-national students living in an international dormitory at a university in Seoul.

 Sounds exciting, right? Here are the 7 reasons why this new show is worth your time!

1. A Variety of Adventures 

They will let us have a glimpse of experience at their university, dormitory and everyday life. Having diverse nationalities coming from different parts of the world, these students will show us how it is living in Korea for the first time. Some need to do part-time jobs to survive, deal with their family problems, getting scammed and more. 

2. Cute and Heart-Fluterring Romance 

Oh, the feeling of being young and in love! These university students will show us how they experience sweet romance both within and outside of their circle. We will get to see the dating life in Korea looks and feels like as the characters go on blind dates, experience breakups, and more. Moreover, there are plenty of relatable kilig and cute contents that will surely make you smile. 

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3. Charming Characters 

Aside from having diverse nationalities, they also have distinct and charming characters. Let us have a brief introduction of them.

  • Se-wan is the responsible and hardworking resident advisor of the dormitory yet opportunistic
  • The handsome and naive new student Jamie who melts the heart of many dorm students
  • Sam from Australia who always loves to boast and bluff
  • Minnie, the fashionista and representation of every solid K-drama fan
  • Hyun-min, the guy who secretly lives in the dormitory
  • Hans, the guy who is always follow the rules
  • Carson who is easily angered but is very caring and have lots of wisdom
  • Terris, the dormitory’s resident cassanova 

4. Amazing Cameos

Yes it has a bunch of amazing cast, but you will also get to see unexpected cameos!

If you are into Kpop, Kdrama or K-variety shows, you will be thrilled to see these familiar faces. There are comedians, actors and singers who will be seen during their funniest situations. The are over 10 cameos and you should look forward to them!

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5. Never-ending mukbangs

We definitely all love eating!

With Korea being known for lots of mouth-watery foods, I suggest you should watch it when you are not hungry or better have snacks on your side. From time to time, you will get to watch them (especially Carson’s character) eating a variety of dishes like our all time favorite samgyupsal to ramyeon, tteokbokki, chicken, and more!

6. Rising Stars

The lead casts consist of rising stars and fresh faces. First is the talented actress Park Se-wan. We have seen her in dramas like I Am Not a Robot and School 2017 and movies like No Mercy. Followed by the charming Shin Hyeon-seung who debuted on a popular web drama Be My Boyfriend in 2021. 

It also stars the members of well-known South Korean Kpop groups, Choi Youngjae from Got7 and Minnie from (G)-idle. Next is Han Hyun Min, popular for being the very first Korean model of African descent to hit the catwalks in Seoul. It also includes Joakim Sorensen from Sweden who is an active TV personality in Korea. If you have watched dramas like The K2 and When the Camellia Blooms, you must be familiar with another cast named Carson Allen. Last but not the least, is the cultural ambassador Terris Brown. 

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I assure you, you will fall in love with each of them!

7. A Good Stress Reliever

If you want to have time out from your work, school modules on your online class, to an intense drama you are currently watching or just looking for a fun and light series, this is definitely worth your precious time.

With the characters’ great chemistry, hilarious situations, and natural deliveries of punch lines, they will surely make your hearts happy. Aside from the funny moments, there are also lessons to be learned that you can apply in your daily life. 

So Not Worth It is streaming now exclusive on Netflix!

(Photos and character details all credits to Netflix)

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