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RADWIMPS’ New Song’ “Light the Light” is Created for China and Other Countries Fighting COVID-19

Japanese rock legends, RADWIMPS released a new song, entitled “Light the Light”, dedicated and offered free to China and other countries currently fighting the COVID-19 crisis.

On March 15, RADWIMPS’ vocalist and song writer Yojiro Noda announced the availability the track from a Chinese music portal for free download. The band also is seeking for more ways to make the song available to other regions soon.

“Light the Light” is an inspiring song about overcoming the hard times the pandemic brings. It sheds light for the better days ahead, where everyone can smile again. It hopes to cast yours fears away and encourage that we will be able to move on together.

Yojiro expressed his thoughts in an instagram story. He says:

“Many of us are forced to let go of the lives we are familiar with.”

“Not knowing who is infected, including ourselves, creates and spreads fear that lead to bigotry and discrimination pitting one community or one nation against the other.”

“Fear, hatred and cruelty of human beings seem more terrifying than the virus itself.”

“There is only so much music can do, but I believe many of us find solace in music. As I wrote the lyrics to this song, I truly hope that when the outbreak winds down, and normalcy is restored, even if we are not totally unscathed, we will be able to laugh about it with our families and friends. Until then, we are going to hang in there.”

Read Yojiro’s full heartfelt message below and “Light to Light” lyrics:

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Yojiro on Light the Light
Light the light
Light the light lyrics
Light the light lyrics

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