Award-winning singer/songwriter and Executive Director Kim Hanbin is back on Twitter!

Award-winning singer/songwriter, rapper, philanthropist and Executive Director Kim Hanbin of IOK Company is now back on Twitter!

Kim Hanbin made his first official post on Twitter midnight of March 10.

Check out his Twitter post below.

Kim Hanbin posted a black and white cropped photo of himself where he was sitting on the floor facing a mirror inside the studio.

His fans are once again all over the moon with the overflowing happiness for the unexpected social media updates made by Hanbin.

The tagline HANBIN IS HERE also trended worldwide the moment Hanbin posted his new photo.

Moreover, before dropping his first photo on Twitter, the executive director also dropped hints when 131 Label opened a mail service exclusive for Hanbin fans last March 8.

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The said 131 mailing service registration will run for 131 hours only.

This is just another step closer to Kim Hanbinโ€™s official comeback. Let’s take it slow and last long, Hanbin!

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