5 reasons why “Was It Love?” is a K-drama you shouldn’t miss

The new JTBC drama aired last Wednesday and fans have been talking about it.

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Was It Love? is a story about Noh Ae Jung (Song Ji Hyo), a single mother and a movie producer. She has given up on love and decided to focus on raising her daughter while taking so many jobs just to make ends meet. Her mother, Choi Hyang Ja (Kim Mi Kyung), is helping her raise her teen daughter, Noh Ha Nee (Um Chae Young).

Despite giving up on love, 4 potential love interests appeared in front of her, entering her life. Talk about a second chance on love!

Her daughter starts to wonder who her father is. With these guys entering their lives, is Noh Ha Nee’s father one of them?

It’s always the perfect time to watch a heartwarming drama that centers around family and dreams. So, if you’re looking for a drama just like that, here are 5 reasons why Was It Love? is a drama you must watch now!

1. Song Ji Hyo’s come back drama

The last time we saw Song Ji Hyo in a drama was in KBS’ 2018 drama Lovely Horribly together with Park Si Hoo.

Many of her fans are anticipating her new drama. As her fan, I’m glad to see a lot of positive reviews towards Was It Love?

When there are scenes that she gets mad, I can’t help but remember the moments in Running Man when she gets mad at Lee Kwang Soo! It was so hilarious!

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I’ve seen a lot of support from her Running Man fans! I’m extremely proud of our Ace!

2. Our favorite eomma is here

If you’ve watched enough K-dramas, you know who Kim Mi Kyung Is.

Kim Mi Kyung is known for her mother roles in dramas, and once she’s part of the cast, it’s going to be a tearjerker yet heartwarming drama.

We’ve seen her in dramas like Hi Bye, Mama!, Go Back Couple, The Heirs, and It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.

Kim Mi Kyung has this very warm presence that makes our lead casts (even us) feel loved!

3. 4 leading men

Yes, that’s right! Song Ji Hyo has 4 leading men in this drama!

These 4 men have different personalities that will make Noh Ae Jung notice them!

These 4 men also have a connection to her past. A bit of back story about each of them was already laid in the first 2 episodes and I’m excited to see more!

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With 4 leading men, it will be hard to pick one guy for Noh Ae Jung! These are the 4 potential love interests of Noh Ae Jung:

Oh Dae Oh (Son Ho Jun) is Noh Ae Jung’s ex-boyfriend a popular writer. Ryu Jin (Song Jong Ho) a popular actor and someone Noh Ae Jung know from the past. Oh Yeon Woo (Koo Ja Sung) is Noh Ae Jung’s childhood friend and is now Ha Nee’s homeroom teacher. Koo Pa Do (Kim Min Jun) is the CEO of Nine Capital who is willing to invest in Noh Ae Jung’s movie.

Are any of these guys Noh Ha Nee’s father? You have to watch to find out!

4. A story about single parents

In just two episodes Was It Love? gave a glimpse on what being a single parent feels like.

Noh Ha Nee had an incident with another student and Noh Ae Jung was called to discuss her daughter’s behavior. The parents of the said student criticized Noh Ha Nee’s behavior and said it’s because she only has one parent. Then, Noh Ae Jung said this:

I’m her dad and her mom. My kid has never once been raised with only half the love.

This drama will make us appreciate all the single parents out there. Big respect to all of them!

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5. A story about life and reaching your dreams

Noh Ae Jung didn’t finish college because she got pregnant at 23. Without a college degree, it was hard for her to get a decent job so she had to take whatever job is available for her.

Her dream is to work in a film production company but with her poor background, she got accepted as a bookkeeper. She eventually becomes a producer, but this is not an easy step for her.

On the lighter note, Noh Ae Jung taught us that if you have a dream, no matter what age you are, you can still achieve it as long as it will make you happy. You are never too old to reach your dreams.

With 2 episodes in, this drama taught me a lot already. I can’t wait for more life lessons from each of the character!

Have I convinced you yet? Watch Was It Love? on Netflix every Wednesdays and Thursdays!

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  1. So we both love the same actress. She’s always in our heart. Seeing her in Was It Love? Makes my weekdays enjoyable, anticipating every next episodes. Hope she’ll have more projects to come. So that we enjoy her presence more. Specially us who lives in outside her country. We, her international fans love her and will not stop in supporting her works. Song Ji Hyo fighting!

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