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The cast of Was It Love? spill the tea about their characters

Was It Love? aired last week and the viewers can’t stop talking about it!

This is the rom-com drama that will make you swoon and laugh in every episode!

During the drama press conference, Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Jun, Song Jong Ho, Koo Ja Sung, Kim Min Jun, and Kim Da Som talked about their characters! Plus, they revealed some funny details that will make you love each character!

1. Noh Ha Nee is a very matured kid

Since Noh Ae Jung (Song Ji Hyo) got pregnant at age 23, she tries to be a mother and at the same time, her daughter’s friend. Even the relationship between Ae Jung and her mother (Kim Mi Kyung) is more like a friend.

Despite this, Ae Jung tries to be a good mother to Ha Nee. A mother that she can depend on all the time.

Song Ji Hyo revealed that among the three of them, Noh Ha Nee is actually the most mature.

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During episode 1, Ae Jung and her daughter got into a fight because Noh Ha Nee got in trouble at her school on her first day. Then, Ha Nee said this:

If you hadn’t given birth to me, you and I didn’t have to be treated like shit!

What would you feel if your 14-year old daughter said this to you?

I cried after watching this scene because, at a young age, Noh Ha Nee is going through these emotions already.

2. “Oh Dae Oh is very foolish”

Most actors would say good things about the roles they played, but Son Ho Jun called his character, Oh Dae Oh, “foolish”.

He explained that Oh Dae Oh didn’t even bother to know why he and Ae Jung broke up. He believes that Ae Jung left him. He even wrote a book about their story and portrayed himself as the victim in the book.

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What do you think about his character?

3. Ryu Jin’s old hairstyle

I laughed when I saw his hairstyle because it totally looks old! Luckily, he’s a good-looking guy and that ugly hairstyle doesn’t matter!

But Song Jong Ho explained that his character’s hairstyle is somewhat “homely”. He even jokingly said, “it’s (his hairstyle) an homage to the director.”

4. Kim Min Jun thinks his character isn’t scary at all

The cast commented that Kim Min Jun’s character looks so scary since he’s a former gangster. But Kim Min Jun objected and said he didn’t look scary in the stills.

Do you think Koo Pa Do looks scary? Comment it down below!

5. Joo A Rin is that character you’ll definitely hate, at first

Kim Da Som described her character as someone who “looks innocent and pretty, but is actually very provocative and relentless.”

Joo A Rin can be a bit annoying, but you’ll realize she’s just honest and straightforward.

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You will definitely hate Joo A Rin in the beginning, but as the story goes on, you’ll understand why she acts that way.

Are you excited to see Kim Da Som in this drama?

6. Rain plays a vital role in the drama

Song Ji Hyo said that it rains and snows a LOT in the drama! There’s even cherry blossoms raining in episode 2! It was a very beautiful scene!

Since the rain is common in the drama, Song Ji Hyo talked about a scene she did with Song Jong Ho in the rain, “Song Jong Ho couldn’t open his eyes while he was crying because it was raining so hard, so I laughed.”

Additionally, the ending of episode 2 showed the classic “umbrella scene” we often see in dramas!

Have you watched Was It Love? yet? Don’t miss out on the romance, comedy, drama, and the mystery baby daddy drama every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 PM on Netflix!

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