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10 things to know about Song Ji Hyo

Song Ji Hyo starred in many dramas and films ever since her debut. She’s been in the industry for 19 years but she’s still timeless, talented, and one of the most beloved actresses in South Korea.

Outside of her work, Song Ji Hyo never fails to amaze her fans because of her kindness and generosity.

Whether you’re a new fan or not, here are 10 things you need to know about our Song Ji Hyo.

  1. Leo

Song Ji Hyo was born on August 15, 1981. Leo is her astrological sign and she’s born on the year of the rooster.

Watch this video to learn more about her:

2. Her birth name

Song Ji Hyo’s birth name is Cheon Song Im but she changed it to Cheon Soo Yeon because “a lot of people recognize it nowadays”.

She mentioned this on a May 2017 episode of Running Man.

3. A cast member of Running Man for 10 years

Song Ji Hyo was not originally a part of the cast line up. She’s only a guest on episode 2 of the variety show but since she showed great chemistry with the cast, she got invited a few times more.

Eventually, in episode 6, she officially became a part of the cast. She’s the only female member of Running Man for 7 years.

She has great chemistry with the cast that viewers even came up with different couple names such as Monday Couple, Mongdol Sisters, and SpartAce.

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4. Nicknames in Running Man

Her nicknames are Mong Ji Hyo (Blank Ji Hyo), Song Ji Yok (since she swears a lot), and Ace Ji Hyo.

She’s always sleepy in Running Man and wherever she goes, she sleeps. On some episodes on the show, she’s even seen sleeping! Even on top of a Jenga tower!

Ji Hyo also showed her great skills at games in Running Man. She always wins even if she’s against the strongest competitor! She also showed her luck as there are many times where she wins the game of luck!

Other than that, Ji Hyo is fearless and brave when it comes to extreme challenges on the show.

On one episode when they were in Macau, they were asked to do the bungee jump. Everyone was scared but Ji Hyo volunteered to do it. Way to go our Ace!

5. Discovered during her part-time job

While working at a cafe, she was scouted by an agent. This started her career in the entertainment industry.

6. Takes care of the Running Man members

If you watch the show, she’s often seen to be bickering with the male members. They fight and tease each other.

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But of course, she still cares for them and it can be seen on some episodes of Running Man.

Recently, Solar of MAMAMOO was a guest in Running Man. She was in an all-girls team with Ji Hyo and So Min. Unfortunately, they didn’t win. But Ji Hyo was nice enough to gift Solar the exact same prize that was given to the winners. She even delivered it herself to Solar’s agency! We stan a good-hearted actress!

7. Starred in more than 20 films and dramas

Song Ji Hyo proved how great of an actress she is. She’s been acting since 2001 and she starred in such great dramas. She’s a total pro when it comes to acting!

She debuted in a film titled Wishing Stairs. Out of 3,000 girls, she was selected to portray the female lead of the film.

Most of us might know her from the drama Princess Hours. She played the role of the ballerina Min Hyo Rin.

Currently, she’s in the Netflix series Was It Love?. She’s also the lead in the 2020 film titled Intruder.

We can’t wait to see more of her projects!

8. Close relationship with her brother

Song Ji Hyo has a younger brother named Cheon Seong Moon, who’s an aspiring model.

He even guested on Running Man, and the viewers are lucky to see the bonding that the two siblings have.

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9. Natural beauty

Since Running Man is more of a physical show, Ji Hyo tends to not dolled up her self. She looks so simple in the show and does not care if she looks messy or unattractive.

There are even times wherein she comes to the show bare-faced and she still looks pretty.

10. She can dance

Remember her video dancing to 4Minute’s “Hot Issue?” The cast of Running Man has been teasing her for years saying that it’s the only dance that Ji Hyo knows. They even joked that she uses the same dance steps even on a different song.

But during their first fan meeting in Seoul, the cast of Running Man showcased their dancing skills. And even if they’re not professional dancers, they practiced so hard just to make their fans happy!

As a fan of Running Man for years, I was so proud of the cast because they performed their dance perfectly!

Ji Hyo totally nailed their performance here:

Among these facts about Song Ji Hyo, which one is your favorite? Comment it down below!

Let’s all support Song Ji Hyo in the years to come!

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  1. Happy birthday Song Jihyo.. ur such a wonderful and kind-hearted actress I look up to.. ur r so beautiful inside out and I hope soon that the right man comes along ur way who will love u and taking care our unnie with lots of love and respect..

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