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GET TO KNOW: “Hi, Bye Mama” actress Kim Mi Kyung

If you love Korean dramas, you’ve probably seen Kim Mi Kyung in various Korean series. The actress is a familiar face, even before her stint in Hi, Bye Mama.”

Here are 5 things about one of our favorites eommas in Korean drama land:

Photo credit: @kim_mee_kyung

1.) Supporting Actress

Kim Mi Kyung is most active as a supporting actress in television series and films. She starred in various Korean dramas such as “Spring Waltz,” “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” “Secret Garden,” “Master’s Sun,” “The Heirs,” “Healer,” “Her Private Life,” “Go Back Couple,” “VIP,” and most recently in “Hi, Bye Mama,” among others.

2.) Portraying a mom is not her only forte

Photo credit: “Healer”

Kim Mi Kyung is known to portray the stoic yet caring mother. Still, we’ve seen her portray other roles such as the ahjumma hacker Jo Min Ja in “Healer.”

3.) Career start

She started her career in 1985 when she was 22 years old. Right now, the actress is in her late 50’s.

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4.) Award

Photo credit: “Master’s Sun”

She won a special award back at the SBS Drama Awards for her portrayal in So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin’s series “Master’s Sun” back in 2013.

5.) Instagram

Photo credit: @kim_mee_kyung

You can also follow Kim Mi Kyung on Instagram, @kim_mee_kyung.

She likes to posts a few behind-the-scenes photos, flowers, and pictures of her pets. (We love Kim Mi Kyung’s wholesome content on IG!)

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