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Bangtan Universe drama ‘Blue Sky’ to start filming in September

From streaming, buying albums or merchandise, to breaking records – these are just a few of the things you may experience as a BTS fan. Another thing would be the mind-blowing process of following various theories every comeback!

Smeraldo flower? Magic Shop? Time travel!? From this, Big Hit as well as BTS has made quite a big following because of the intricate and well thought of plot of the Bangtan Universe. The story revolves around the characters of the band members and the in-depth stories about their families, friendships, and relationships.

Drama to begin filming on September

Big Hit Entertainment announces plans for the drama through a briefing last August 2019. Korean news outlets revealed in June 2020 that the casting of rookie actors to play the seven characters is well on its way.

Dubbed ‘Blue Sky,’ the drama will feature fresh and new names from the acting industry and will revolve around the story created through the Bangtan Universe. Filming is reportedly going to start in September with the goal of broadcast through streaming next year.

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Fans initially speculated that the members will portray their own characters. With these updates, we may just have to wait for the group’s acting debut. Kim Seokjin, perhaps? We wait with bated breath as we rally behind the #ActorSeokjin agenda!

Catch up on Webtoon and MVs

The official announcement of the group’s comeback and further developments makes room for fans to theorize. The story will go back from the beginning and will bring the characters back to where it all started. This comes off from the updating or rather lack thereof as the Smeraldo Blog has erased all its contents. I am pretty much in awe because I am still able to follow at this point.

You can rewatch Blue Sky timeline relevant MVs and read about part of the story on the SAVE ME Webtoon while waiting for the drama.

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