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8 Reasons Why “Go Back Couple” Is The K-Drama You Shouldn’t Miss

At first, i was thinking twice if i should watch this drama or not. To be honest, i’m not interested in the dramas that tackles the story of a married couple or anything connected to that plot. It’s because i can’t even relate to it because i haven’t been there yet. But there are many k-drama fans, even my niece that is two years younger than me are telling me that i should watch it. So, i gave it a try. And here i am telling you that i will give a 10/10 ratings to this drama and definitely a one of a kind drama.

(This article might spoil you. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s for you to decide on whether you continue to read this or not.)

So, here’s my 8 reasons why you should add this amazing drama to your must-watch list:

1. The Moral Lessons

Marriage is definitely NOT a game that you should play when you want to and stop if you’re already tired. It is the joining of two people in a bond that apparently lasts until death. (Naks! Hindi ko kinaya mga bes! 😅)

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In the story, Ma Jin-joo (Jang Na-ra) and Choi Ban-do (Son Ho-joon) decided to get married just because they want to be with each other everyday. They didn’t thought about the consequences they might face in the near future, so they ended up getting a divorce which is the heartbreaking part.

2. Another ‘Second Male Lead’ Syndrome

Honestly, on the first four or five episodes, i wanted Jung Nam-gil (Jang Ki-Yong) and Ma Jin-joo to be end up together. (Ang lakas naman kasi maka-pafall nitong si Oppa. Hihi…)

This is actually the second time i’ve seen him in a drama. The first one is on The Liar and His Lover. And i believe he did a pretty good job as a second male lead in this drama. 👍

3. The Cute Love Story of ‘Jae-Reum’ Couple

While Ma Jin-joo and Choi Ban-do’s love story is too complicated to handle, this cute couple, Yoon Bo-Reum (Han Bo-reum) and Ahn Jae-woo (Heo Jung-min) will make you believe in the saying, Opposite Attracts.

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4. Friendship Goals

While watching this drama, i suddenly miss my college life. Hihihi…

(Hello to all my college friends! I miss you all!)

This drama will surely take you back to those days where you only think about your studies and having a good time with your friends. They’re definitely the newest addition to your list of k-drama squad goals. 😉

5. The Heartwarming OST

Ofcourse, a good k-drama always comes with a touching OST. This drama has a beautiful OST entitled Wind Song (바람의 노래) sang by the South Korean gospel singer, SoHyang.

You can watch the heartearming performance of So-Hyang at the 2017 KBS Drama Awards here:

6. Being in a Rollercoaster of Emotions

Have you ever experience watching a drama while crying and laughing at the same time? If you haven’t, this drama is perfect for you. It’s like your tears is still flowing then the following scene will totally make you laugh out loud. (Hahaha! It’s the Jae-Jae tandem’s fault.)

7. There Are Scenes That Will Make You Realize How Much You Love Your ‘Eomma’ ❤️

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These scenes really made me cried a river. After watching these, i immediately hugged my mom and said thank you. (Ofcourse, shookt sya mga bes! Parang eomma lang ni Jin-joo. Hahaha! She even asks kung anong kalokohan ang ginawa ko this time… Hmmm… Haha!)

This drama is a reminder that our eommas are not with us forever, so while they are still here with us, let’s show them how much we love and cherish them. ❤️

8. TVXQ’s Yunho Epic Cameo

TVXQ fans are very much happy when Yunho himself made a cameo as the Cute College Guy Who Calls Jin-joo ‘Pretty’ during their college days. Years passed, their paths crossed again and called her ‘Pretty’ again, only to attract her from buying the one he’s selling.

What A Concept. (Hahaha!)

I know there are a lot more reasons to watch this drama and you can share your feels by writing it on our comment section.❤️

Kamsahamnida! ❤️

-Jess ❤️ (Twitter: @jing921129)

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  1. I’m sorry, for me it Was a reaaaaaally bad drama, With a lot of cliché and the guion Was off al the time, the characters were Like clowns. He called her a Misses and a mother when she Was non. I think the author had a very bad marriage and proyectes in tris al of his or her frustration. And like manto other dramas the y portrait the wife as an hysterical and needy woman, she even blame the husband for the accident and sickess of the baby.
    The Lived with each other for about 14 years wo the out babies why where they solo Poor? She Was a 38 Yean old woman did she never Lear somenthing art al?
    If he was so confident when he retornen to the past, why Was he a loser when he Was 38?

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