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ICYMI: Son Ho Jun opens own YouTube Channel, debut as director

Written by: Trixia Cabasis

South Korean actor Son Ho Jun recently opened his very own YouTube channel on January 8,

He then released a short film entitled 개살구 (A Wild Apricot), in which he wrote, produced, and directed it himself.

A Wild Apricot starring Son Ho Jun himself and his co-actor Kang Ki Doong, took an interesting take on loneliness and emptiness despite all the luxury the main character had.

This is not the two actors first film together as they both casted and worked in the movie entitled, The Big Shot.

Moreover, the international fans can also watch the film anytime as the English subtitle is already available.

Son Ho Jun recently starred in 2020 JTBC drama Was It Love with actress Song Ji Hyo and will appear as a Healing Counter in The Uncanny Counter‘s next episode!

Head on to his YouTube channel now and show his film some love and appreciation!

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Photo courtesy of YG Stage and screenshots from Son Ho Jun’s YouTube Channel.

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