Here’s a list of what to expect from “Welcome to Waikiki 2”

Are you ready to laugh so hard AGAIN? If yes, then we’ll gladly give you some things to look forward from Welcome to Waikiki 2! A 16-episode 2019 Korean drama with the genre of romantic comedy.

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Before we continue, let’s first see the most asked question: Do you need to complete the season one first?

No. In fact, you’re free to watch any of the two. Despite the same title applied, both of these can stand on their own unlike the other dramas.

I actually finished this second season without a glimpse of the other one’s content. However, that moment I realized it’s in a wrong order, I thought of stopping right from the middle of viewing its first episode. At the end, how good this drama is had proven itself as I just saw myself getting hooked up; then, noticed that there are only few episodes left!


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Due to the changed plot, it is understandable that the casting differs from the season 1. Worry less! Since Lee Yi Kyung reprised as Lee Joon Ki, who became more optimistic and flexible. In addition, the male leads here are made to be stronger– something you need to see yourself!

Kim Seon Ho as Cha Woo Sik (left); his short-temper and attractiveness are visible. Shin Hyun Soo as Kook Ki Bong (right); the most soft-hearted and persevered. They are Joon Ki’s high school friends whom he asked to invest in his guest house.

Next, Ahn So Hee as Kim Jung Eun (left); she’s boyish but lovely. Moon Ga Young as Han Soo Yeon (middle); you won’t be able to deny her beauty and occasional clumsiness. Lastly, Kim Ye Won as Cha Yoo Ri (right); the manipulative yet clever older sister of Woo Sik.

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Personally, I like how they have conflicting personalities but they still managed to support and understand each other. All the cast members did a great performance in portraying their roles! Considering the thought that they surely felt the pressure from people’s expectations especially So Hee who just made a drama comeback in over two years.

New interesting plot

Lee Joon Ki, an unpopular actor who runs the Waikiki guest house, asked the help of his friends to invest for it after a bankruptcy issue. They strived to revive his business regardless of not having works and likes in the same field.

Only Jung Eun wants to be in the world of show business like him; she’s Joon Ki’s university friend who now does part-time jobs. While Woo Sik is an aspiring singer and a former idol member, and Ki Bong was once a promising baseball player but now plays in the minor leagues.

Things will get a bit complicated as they tried to appear successful in front of Soo Yeon– she’s the first love of Joon Ki, Woo Sik, and Ki Bong; that’s why when her wedding was called off, they helped her to find any job even if it’s not related to her dream career. On the other hand, Yoo Ri who aspires to have her own restaurant, once again invades their peaceful lives.

Now, the best and funniest moments start as the six characters ended up living under the same roof! Watch it now and find out if they will have successful lives this time.

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Different depiction

The characters succeeded on making their roles appear realistic. That said, it leads to having heartwarming aura and feels because you can relate yourself with the struggles and conflicts in following such dreams. In order to have a productive working life, you should evaluate yourself on how you’re supposed to connect to your co-workers and to the job itself.

This drama proved that you don’t take a path because it’s easy; you must choose something that makes you happy and complete. From the main theme of friendship, it’s relevant to build a good bond that will lift one another. It’s just saddening that no matter how close we are to someone, we cannot just tell them everything. At any rate, it teaches us to be independent especially for the sake of our individual developments.

Indeed, no route and career are painless to achieve but this series have displayed encouraging ways to go on. Although sacrifices are needed, as long as it’s what fills the emptiness in us, it’ll be our own source of wealth. If you’ve done this, it’ll be the best achievement you could ever attain in your entire life.

What’s more?

Seon Ho is the known singer here, but it’s worth to hear Yi Kyung and Hyun Soo sing as well! Here’s the official sound track of Welcome to Waikiki 2:

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This K-drama is 4 episodes less and contains extra romance than the season one. Every episode has its own way of causing genuine smiles and giving lessons. The show was shot during winter while the other one was in summer.

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If you’ve already watched the first season, you’ll be happy to know this– the longest signature you knew will still show up here! Another thing, the most trusted car in the world made her way here; witness if the precious Rebecca will continue to fight or just give false hopes to her owner!

At last, don’t you dare miss out the famous laugh that automatically makes you giggle whenever you see Joon Ki (like I did). Then, find out if he’s the only one who mastered this type of laugh and clap!

Where is Go Won Hee (Kang Seo Jin)?

People were curious why Lee Jun Ki’s partner changed here. Seo Jin is a journalist who often travels, this alone gave them the conclusion that the couple may have broken up because of it– loss of communication, mismatched schedules, or lack of understanding. When someone leaves, someone better comes along; Joon Ki had an unexpected relationship and they’re too cute not to love!

Honestly, I ship them; you will seriously appreciate how strong and adorable the bond they built.

It’s been two years since Welcome to Waikiki made its way to reach the hearts of many K-drama fans. For certain, Welcome to Waikiki 2 will also leave a great impact in your life if given a chance to get picked!

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