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7 Things about Lee Yi Kyung that you should know

Lee Yi Kyung is one of the prominent South Korean actors in his generation. He is well-known for his remarkable role in Welcome to Waikiki. Beforehand, others have already been familiar with him with School 2013 and Go Back Couple.

Did you know why Lee Yi Kyung is being idolized and loved by many? Aside from the fact that he starred in great Korean dramas; it cannot be denied that he as an actor is truly versatile. In fact, you can be amazed with him in romantic dramas; then, enjoy watching him in romantic comedy deamas; and get thrilled by him in his mystery and thriller shows.

Personally, I look up to him as he is undeniably hard working, charming, talented, and warm person. Moreover, there are even much things about him that I really adore which is unexplainable. It seems like he always shines in everything he does.

Do you want to get to know him more? We’ve got your back, bes! Below are the seven things about Lee Yi Kyung that you should know.

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1. Acting debut

Photo credits to Lee Yi Kyung

Lee Yi Kyung made his acting debut in year 2011. He first appeared in US-Japanese Barbershop and Stitch Stitch films in 2011. Meanwhile, his first K-drama minor appearance was with Heartstrings in 2011 as well.

2. Lead roles

Photo from JTBC

Lee Yi Kyung has been part of various K-dramas and movies as supporting character. Through his hard work and talent, it brought him to playing the lead roles in different shows. For instance, the following are the K-dramas which featured him as main character.

  • More Than a Maid;
  • The Superman Age;
  • Yumi’s Room;
  • My First Time;
  • Ruby Ruby Love;
  • Go Back Couple;
  • Welcome to Waikiki;
  • Partners for Justice;
  • Children of Nobody; and
  • Welcome to Waikiki 2.

Moreover, Lee Yi Kyung has also starred in several movies that you shouldn’t miss out on.

3. Awards

Photo credits to Lee Yi Kyung

Did you know that Lee Yi Kyung has already won awards? Yes, you’ve read that right, mga bes! Last 2015, he bagged his first Best New Actor award at Korea Film Actors Association Awards. Then, he achieved his second award as Rising Star at 13th Asia Model Awards in 2018.

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4. Appearance in music videos

From year 2011 to 2016, Lee Yi Kyung has also appeared in various music videos. First, in Do U Like Me by M.I.B. Second, in Alone by Jung Key feat. Kim Na Young. Third, in 가슴뛰도록 by SG Wannabe. Fourth, in 좋은 기억 by SG Wannabe. Lastly, in I Don’t Want by Jung Key feat. Lee So Jung.

5. Visual

Lee Yi Kyung’s visual is incredibly no joke. Truth to be told, I always get stunned by his posted pictures. Even watching him on screen makes my heart flutter.

6. Instagram account

Do you want to follow Lee Yi Kyung on Instagram? Then, check him out at luvlk89 or click here.

7. Talented

As what I’ve mentioned earlier, Lee Yi Kyung is a talented Korean artist. Aside from being an actor, he also sings well. Have you heard him sing already? He had a good vocals, right?

On the other hand, Lee Yi Kyung knows how to cook as well. Additionally, he can also play few instruments, and others.

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Overall, there are something more about Lee Yi Kyung that will surprise and make you happy. Saying that, we would like to thank Lee Yi Kyung for bringing joy, love, and light to our hearts and lives! We are wishing all the best for you as you truly deserve it. We, your fans, will always be right here for you to love, care, and cheer for you!

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