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15 Unforgettable K-drama lines that we all love and can totally relate with

Dialogue is one of the most important element in dramas and novels. It doesn’t just invoke the main idea of the story, but it also helps the viewers to understand the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

In fact, dialogue is a big part of every reason why many Korean drama fans keep watching their favorite Korean series. Who wouldn’t love to hear the same words told by K-drama characters, which you’ve ever wanted to say? To tell the truth, dialogue in K-dramas helps the fans to relate with the situation of celebrities’ roles, feel the tension, convey irony, and to understand well how other people thinks and judge on their perspective.

In relation with this, we had a survey in Annyeong Oppa Group to ask the fans about their favorite lines heard in K-dramas. Let’s take a look on their answers and recall the moments when our favorite stars have said it. This is such a great opportunity as well to recollect the times we’ve spent in watching these series!

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Here it is! Below are the 15 unforgettable K-drama heartbreaking, intense, and funny lines that we all certainly love and can totally relate with.

1. “I’d thought life would work out if I just did well in school.” -Woo Joo, Sky Castle
Shared by Aiza Acoba
2. “In order to hide a big lie, people sometimes confess a small truth.” -Noh Ji Wook, Suspicious Partner
Shared by Margaux Jupiter Castro Benevista
Photo Credits to Soompi via SBS
3. “The sun sees the moon sleep all day. So it resents the moon who only wakes late in the night. The moon is alone late in the dark night. It faces the darkness and shines on the world. The sun doesn’t realize how hard that is. The moon is always by the sun’s side, protecting it.” -Shin Saimdang; Saimdang, Memoir of Colors
Shared by Rezzie Collado Flores Magtibay
Photo Credits to
4. “She is cruel. Where do I stand between her passion and cruelty? I thought I was close but I might have to go even further. One more step into the flame.” -Eugene Choi, Mr. Sunshine.
Shared by Desiree Minguez
Photo Credits to Bustle
5. “Don’t cry too much. Don’t beat up your self for too long but never forget what happened.” -Jung Jae Chan, While You Were Sleeping
Shared by Ace Gr
Photo Credits to koreaportal
6. “No matter how important revenge is, there can be times when love goes beyond that.” -Oh Yeon Joo, W
Shared by Margaux Jupiter Castro Benevista
Photo Credits to Pinterest via MBC
7. “If we are not from the same world, I will find you, My Soo.” -Wang So, Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Shared by Casey Montefalco
Photo Credits to Meiji0619
8. “It’s not winning the fight that victims wish for. They wish not be a part of the fight, or the victim of the attack.” -Kang Mi Rae, My ID is Gangnam Beauty
Photo Credits to Kpopmap
9. “I thought that if I didn’t change, the people I trusted and liked wouldn’t change either. I was wrong.” -Hae So, Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Shared by Alexa Park
Photo Credits to amusings
10. “When you cry, it doesn’t mean that you’re sad. Same as when you smile, it doesn’t mean you’re happy.” -Ji Soo Ho, Radio Romance
Shared by Lai Honrada
Photo Credits to Soompi
11. “It’s okay to eat even if it’s a little past the expiration date.” -So In Sung, Vivid Romance
12. “Gwaenchana, gwaenchana.” -Lee Joon Ki, Laughter in Waikiki
Shared by Irish Viray Permentilla
Photo Credits to melissa leaves the village
13. “I didn’t listen to you because I cared. I listened because I’ve got these ears attached to my head.”-Joo Joong Won, Master’s Sun
Photo Credits to The Fangirl Verdict
14. “I was startled by my good looks.” -Yoo Deok Hwa, Goblin
Photo Credits to Thevilone
15. “Every moment I spent with you, shined. Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad, and because the weather was good enough. I loved every moment of it.” -Kim Shin, Goblin
Photo Credits to The Tech Sensei

What are your thoughts after reading those lines, mga bes? Among the 15 heartbreaking, intense, and funny lines presented; which get your attention the most?

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If you want to share your favorite K-Drama lines which aren’t included in the list, feel free to comment it.

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