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Working from home is a bit challenging these days. We have to adjust to a different kind of work arrangement than the one we used to have. As a result, we work on our assignments while we also work on studying in doing those assignments in a different mode at the same time.

This requires more time, energy, and mental work that definitely cause stress and even burnout. I had to find a distraction or a diversion so to speak before I totally drown in the torrent of my things to do and eventually lose my sanity. The solution is indeed a feel-good and hilarious KDrama.

Whenever a post in Annyeong Oppa group feeds on my timeline, I always notice that many people have been recommending Eulachacha Waikiki.

I put this on my ‘To Watch List’ few months ago, and indeed I think it was a great choice during this time. It’s a good stress reliever and a good source of entertainment. This is now one of my favorites.

Note: Review may contain spoilers.


Eulachacha Waikiki, Laughter in Waikiki or simply known as Waikiki, is a 2018 South Korean television series that revolves around the life of the owners of a guesthouse named Waikiki.

Image Source: JTBC

The story begins when the three friends, Dong Gu, Joon Ki, and Doo Sik woke up one morning from a hang over to face the reality of adult life. Unpaid bills. Cut utility services. And a declining business with almost no customer.

As they try to sort things out, they hear an unusual sound. A loud cry from a baby, creating a huge challenge for these problematic oppas. The story continues with the arrival of the baby’ mom Yoon Ah and Dong Gu’s sister Seo Jin while Dong Gu battles in his break up with his girlfriend Soo Ah. Waikiki runs with 20 episodes and receives positive reviews from all its viewers.

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The rumor that Waikiki is a hilarious Korean series is true. This series is 100 percent funny. If you laughed in a series like Big Bang Theory, this one will do the same effect. The punch lines and the storyline will make you laugh out loud literally.

Some viewers warn others not to watch it at night because you may awaken other people who are already sound asleep. Observe social distancing not because of covid19, but because you might spank or slap the person next to you because of a lot of funny scenes.

There was a time that I laughed even hours and days after I watched an episode whenever I remember a very comical scene. I suspect that I am already crazy whenever that happens. Good thing, it’s just a Kdrama hangover.

Some of my favorite funny scenes include the portalet scene of Dong Gu, the rap scene of Yoon Ah, the acting scenes of Joon Ki, the scene of Seo Jin with her first boyfriend, the wrong sent scene of Doo Sik, and the swallowing of crumpled paper of Soo Ah. These are only among the more than a thousand funny scenes in the series.

With that being said, listed below are the reasons why you should add this drama on your list.

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The shortcomings and misfortunes of the characters are very relatable.

Their stories remind us of our humanity, and they teach us to persist no matter what happens in life. You will root to all the characters. The development of each character is indeed noteworthy. All the characters here have stories and relevance.

Prepare to witness the struggles in reaching out their dream: Dong Gu as a director, Joon Ki as an actor, Doo Sik as a screen writer, Soo Ah as a model-turned-online shopping mall owner, Yoon Ah as a pastry chef, and Seo Jin as a publication writer. Their pursuit in their respective fields are both funny and heartwarming. Prepare a box of tissue as well.

The actors are indeed excellent in their performances.

Image Source: JTBC

They gave justice to their roles and each personality stood out. They created unforgettable characters in their superb acting.

For me, Joon Ki stood out in the entire series, probably one of the reasons why he’s the only character who stayed in Season 2. His performance is really funny, and you can relate in all his shortcomings.

Waikiki has a lot of unexpected plot twists.

Image Source: JTBC

Each episode has a lot of twists. The arrival of guest actors is really notable. Their entry fits the story and doesn’t feel awkward. They helped the main characters stood out in the story. One of the best supporting characters is Hyun Joon, a pastry chef and bakery owner who joins in as part of a love triangle. His interaction with the other characters is funny, too and his last appearance will probably warm your heart.

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Most of the scenes are amazing and unforgettable. Indeed, they are all worth sharing to friends and families. Also, some scenes are tearjerker scenes. These scenes are the ones when the major characters made a huge sacrifice for the benefit of another character. That makes this series a good stress reliever.

Besides, you’ll be able to memorize the lines “Gwenchana Gwenchana,” “Araso,” and “Gaja.”

The series have amazing themes and a lot of life lessons.

Image Source: JTBC

Some of these include the power of dreams, friendship, our need of redemption, perseverance, and of course, love. When life throws you a lot of stones, all you have to do is laugh and stand up.

This series delivers a clear message of hope when the light at the end of the tunnels seems not visible. It stresses the value of our friends in our life and how these people will stand with us especially during our trying times and of course, our triumphant moments.

Also, this series teaches us to own our life, make the most important decision ever, and take risk no matter how much it cost you. In the end, keep laughing and keep yourself alive.

This is one of the best series I’ve ever watched this year, and I am sure that many other viewers will agree with me.

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