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Lee Yi Kyung in talks to join the cast of upcoming historical drama “New Secret Royal Inspector”

Waikiki actor Lee Yi Kyung reportedly to join Kim Myungsoo and Kwon Nara in the upcoming historical drama New Secret Royal Inspector.

Reports have been shared on June 10 that Kim Myungsoo will play the main lead role while Kwon Nara will play the female lead on June 26. However, there are no confirmation yet on both parties but they are positively reviewing the said casting offers.

Moreover, according to reports on June 30, Lee Yi Kyung will appear in KBS2’s new drama New Secret Royal Inspector and will be playing the character of Park Chun Sam.

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Park Chun Sam is Sung Yi Gyeom’s (played by Kim Myungsoo) friend. He is a secret fisherman and a pure young man who is talkative, affectionate, yet tearful.

Not knowing what happened to the death of his parents and brothers, Chun Sam considers Sung Yi Gyeom (Kim Myungsoo) as his family.

Furthermore, he is the owner of the impenetrable Chungcheong, who is at first a nuisance of mistakes, but gradually becomes an indispensable core.

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New Secret Royal Inspector is a historical drama that tells the story of the secret royal inspector, a unique job that existed only in the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

They are government officials who are appointed to be the voice of the people and ears of the king, but they could not reveal their true selves.

Their achievements are close to the realization of justice that many people wanted on the modern day.

The said drama is directed by PD Kim Jung Min and written by writers Park Sung Hoon and Kang Min Sun. It will be produced by iWill Media.

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