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Happy Hyunsik Day: A special feature for BTOB’s Father of Music

Written by: Agatha Fabricante of BTOBPH

One of BTOB’s vocalists Lim Hyunsik, greatly known for composing beautiful songs and write heartwrenching lyrics for BTOB which made earned him the title BTOB’s “Father of Music”, celebrated his 29th birthday today!

Image Source: BTOBPH

To celebrate Hyunsik’s birthday, here’s a list of some of his written masterpieces:

Missing You

Missing You, BTOB and Melody’s queen, undoubtedly tops the list.

The song shows the longing of one’s lover who went through a break-up. This masterpiece is in the top 3 of the longest charting Idol group songs on MelOn as of March 1, 2021.

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Image source: @SerieTV46 on Twitter

Watch the official MV here:

Never Ending (Melody)

With his unending love for Melody, Hyunsik composed the song “Never Ending (Melody).”

Eunkwang and Changsub joined in writing the lyrics. It was sung by BTOB-BLUE, an official sub-unit for the vocals of BTOB, with Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyunsik, and Sungjae.

The song expresses the promise that BTOB made, that they will sing for every Melody until the day they die. Sweet, isn’t it?

You can stream the song here:

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Will Be Here

As if “Never Ending (Melody)” is not enough, Hyunsik composed another song for Melody, titled “Will Be Here”.

The message of the song reassures their love and support to every Melody. But Melody turned the tables and uses the song instead to sing it for BTOB, especially during concerts.

A verse in the song was even sung by Philippine Melody to Hyunsik when he held his first solo concert here in the Philippines last December 22, 2019.

Watch BTOB’s live performance here:

Pray (I’ll Be Your Man)

One may be wondering if Hyunsik is only good in ballads.  He actually has other non-ballad masterpieces!

In 2016, BTOB made their comeback with the “emotional” dance track titled “Pray (I’ll Be Your Man)”, another one of Hyunsik’s masterpieces. From the vocals, raps, and even the music video, “Pray” is surely one of BTOB’s great songs.

Watch the official MV here:

Only One For Me

Hyunsik also composed another dance track, “Only One For Me”, which expresses the desperation of someone who wants his love back.

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A line in the lyrics translates to “I can’t live without you, You’re the only one I need.” This is the last comeback of BTOB as a whole group before the members started to enter the military one by one. 

Watch the official MV here:

Beautiful Pain

BTOB showcased their greatest strength once again. The song showed how beautiful and painful it is to meet someone you love, and broke-up in the end. 

After Eunkwang enlisted, the remaining members continued their promotion and released another mini album titled “Hour Moment”. With the ballad title track, “ Beautiful Pain.”

Watch the official MV here:

Show Your Love

Melody thought that after Hyunsik’s enlistment, he would take a break in writing and releasing songs for BTOB, but it turned out that Hyunsik wrote the “moombahton” title track for BTOB4U’s “INSIDE” album titled “Show Your Love”.

The song has a catchy tune and a lovely message – as the title suggests, it tells people to show their love especially in these trying times.

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Surely, BTOB’s Father of Music never disappoints. BTOB4U is another official sub-unit of BTOB who debuted last November 16, 2020 with Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Changsub, and Peniel as members.

Stream the music video here:


And last but definitely not the least, with the hope to see all the members again someday, the last entry in this list would be “Someday” by BTOB.

This ballad song expresses the hope of seeing each other again when everything’s better and in the right places. The sorrowful yet beautiful lyrics were written by Hyunsik, Minhyuk, Ilhoon, Peniel, and EDEN.

You can listen to the song here:

On the same day of Hyunsik’s birthday, BTOBPH, an official fanclub of BTOB in the Philippines, organizes a special watch party to appreciate more of Hyunsik’s music.

Let’s send birthday messages and words of encouragement to Hyunsik, Melody!

Let’s all hope for better days, until we meet him again in November!

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