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Watch: Big Hit Entertainment Released The Teaser of the 3rd Season of ‘Run BTS!’

On December 26, BTS released the teaser of the 3rd season of ‘Run BTS!’. Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of BTS, also shared the video on their official SNS accounts.

The teaser video shows BTS having fun playing various games. Notably, the members are seen wearing rabbit hats and showing their cute actions, tension scenes, spraying water on Jin, and crying J-Hope in the game. It is expected to be a full pack of entertainment as they will show us the different types of genre on each episode which includes mystery, suspense, action and drama.

Run BTS! is a self-produced reality-variety show through Naver V app. The seven members of the BTS had various episodes on different themes on each episode, it drew so much attention.

The Season 3 of “Run BTS” will be broadcasted on January 1, 2019.

Watch the official teaser here:

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