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Meeting Your Ultimate Kpop Bias in South Korea

For every Kpop fan, it is a dream come true to finally meet your ultimate Kpop bias, more so to interact with him/her. And this dream became a reality to me.

For every Kpop fan, it is a dream come true to finally meet your ultimate Kpop bias, more so to interact with him/her.

This dream became a reality to me during my trip to South Korea last November 2017. This article is kinda late but I still wanted to share my overflowing feels to fellow Kpop fans out there. Tiwala, diskarte, at dasal dasal lang talaga bes! Well, of course, need din ng funds and feels.

I’m just new to Kpop and it was Sandeul (Lee Jung Hwan) who paved my way to it tapos hindi na ‘ko nakalabas pa. Hahaha! For those who don’t know him, he is the main vocal of B1A4, the same group led by Jinyoung of Love in the Moonlight. Sandeul was the voice behind several Kdrama OSTs such as Swallowing My Heart (Love in the Moonlight), One More Step (Introverted Boos), Tell Me (Manhole), Other World (Bad Guys 2), and etc. I can tell you so much about him but that’s for another article. Hehehe.

So how did I end up meeting him? Kudos to my stalking skills! Being my ultimate bias, I make sure that I am always updated with his schedule. And I’m pretty sure that every Kpop fan could relate to this.

It just so happened that his musical, About Thirty, was still ongoing when I went back toย South Korea in October 2017. However, upon checking, all the tickets for his schedule were sold out. I even messaged the producer of the musical to ask if there’s still available tickets (desperate moves na)ย  but their answer was just as disappointing. It was a failure attempt to see him again. ๐Ÿ’”

So when I had a chance to return to South Korea the following month, I made sure to book the tickets to his musical while I was still in the Philippines thru the ticketing website of Interpark. Actually, I secured first the tickets to his musical before booking for our flight. The segurista that I am! I have learned my lesson na. Hahaha! And I was able to book his last stage performance.

D-day to his musical and hindi na ako makalma. I would be seeing my ultimate bias again and may chance pa to talk to him. I couldn’t even. I’ve lost my ability to even. Hahaha! From the fancams taken after his musical, he would be seen interacting with his fans and accepting gifts at the parking space of Samsung Hall in Ewha University, the venue for About Thirty musical. Of course, papahuli ba tayo? I also prepared some Filipino delicacies and wrote him a heart felt letter. Itaas ang bandera ng mga Filipino fangirls!

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The musical ran for 2.5 hours and it was a superb production. It was very impressive and I could write another article for that. I almost fell on my seat while watching my ultimate bias live on stage. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him except whenever he had scenes with his stage partner. Ganun pala yung feeling. I felt like I’ve been cheated nang harap-harapan pero kinaya ko because I was really hoping for our interaction after the show.

Right after the curtain call, we immediately stood up to go straight to the parking space. Big thanks to the K-BANA who helped me with the directions. While waiting, I noticed that I left my hat and my gifts to Sandeul inside the theater. So binalikan ko pa. Ang ending wala na kaming magandang pwesto.ย  The local fans were prepared with chairs, cameras and banners. Nakaka-shookt. The fansites were there too. Ang dami nya pala talagang fans sa Korea. May mga foreigners pa. And they were all disciplined. Walang tulakan or balyahan na naganap. Pero ang layo na namin kaya we were losing hope na. We almost gave up.

But I told myself, I’ve traveled 1,620 miles twice for the last 2 months to see him again, dun pa ba ako susuko? Then everything went so fast, I found myself in front of him, handing him my gifts and letter. Success! He smiled to me when I told him that I’m from the Philippines. I died mga bes. It was surreal. I wanted to cry pero nagpakatatag ako. I even did an IG live so other Filipino BANAs could watch it too. He was very accommodating and ang fluffy din nya talaga in person. He was making sure na sya mismo yung magrereceive ng gifts from the fans. Aside from the casual talk, kinantahan pa nya kami. Grabe langs. Words aren’t enough to describe his overwhelming fan service.

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Then after 2 days, the same K-BANA who helped me with the directions told me that Sandeul would be there again even though he was not part of the cast since last day na ng musical nila. And I am thankful to my ever supportive friends, Grace and Anj, for cheering for me and telling me to go there again. As in pumunta lang kami sa parking space to wait for him. Oh the perks of traveling with your Kdrama/Kpop friends! Love you guys ๐Ÿ˜˜

That same night, we looked for something that I could give him. Then I remembered seeing a Philippine dried mango in a nearby convenient store. Last stock na sya so pikit-mata na lang ang pagbili mga bes. After waiting for almost 2 hours, nakita and nakausap ko ulit sya. All the effort was worth it.

Meeting your ultimate bias was really one for the books! But for all the fangirls out there just like me, remember to fangirl responsibly. Yes, it’s ok to make efforts in supporting our loves but we should know our priorities. It’s fine as well if you can’t support them yet. Just loving and praying for them is ok. If you’re a student, then study well, get a job or start a business, save for your future so you can support your family first and your bias(es). If you are currently working, again, KNOW YOUR PRIORITIES. Wag puro spazz during office hours. Hahaha! Above all, love God first and your family. Make time for them ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Sandeul’s birthday is coming soon. You can help in supporting some of the birthday campaigns organized by his fans.

Written by: Annyeong Oppa (Joey)ย 

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