PH Haeiness spends memorable night at Jung Hae In’s “The 10th Season” fan meeting in Manila

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After 4 years of waiting, Jung Hae In finally met PH Haeiness again and created another momentous night with them at his “The 10th Season” fan meeting in Manila last August 6 at New Frontier Theater.

The event is so special, it was not only just a fan meeting but also a commemoration of Jung Hae In’s 10th debut anniversary of being a great versatile actor.

Let us all reminisce that memorable night!

First Part

PH Haeiness can’t contain their excitement as their beloved Hae In finally appeared on stage kicking off the event by serenading fans with the song Crazy. Fans showed their immense love for him by welcoming him with applause and loud cheers.

Jung Hae In greeted everyone “Magandang Gabi! Ikinagagalak kong makita kayo ulit, namiss ko kayo,” we were so kilig after hearing that from him.

This was his third visit to Manila in two consecutive years, in 2018 and 2019, and was planning to have a fan meeting here in 2020 but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, he wasn’t able to do that and after 4 years, he was so nervous meeting his Filipino fans once again.

To keep the ball rolling, Jung Hae In answered some questions from fans that were written on post-its. He was asked about how he felt returning to Manila, he said that he likes coming back to the Philippines and he didn’t expect that the audience will be full that day.

He also responded to the question about the possibility of shooting a film here in the Philippines, he said, “If there’s a good scenario that I can try then of course, why not?”

In the segment called “The 10th Season Memory Photo Studio,” the fans went through some photos of him in the last 10 years of his career, and Jung Hae In shared some back stories behind those various photos.

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Fans got to see him in a priest costume and wearing a blonde wig, Hae In said that those photos were exclusively for fans, and he said “Please cherish it with you guys.” He’s so adorable!

PH Haeiness had the chance as well to look into some props he used in his previous works. One of those is the black cap that he wore in Snow Drop and Connect.

Jung Hae In said looking at those props reminds him of his projects and that he’s so thankful for all the fans who loved and supported them. He shared he’ll make sure that he’ll come back for better projects as well.

Moreover, everyone at the event had the opportunity to dove deeper into Jung Hae In’s previous characters in his previous works by showing scenes from it and the fans voted for their best scenes, and his role in Something in the Rain as Joon Hee received so many votes from fans. Hae In was so touched because it’s been 5 years already since it was premiered and yet the fans love it so much until now. (I love this drama too. It made my heart skip a bit and made me smile from ear to ear).

They showed scenes from Goblin, Prison Playbook, Tune In for Love, One Spring Night, DP, While You Were Sleeping, Snowdrop, and Something in the Rain.

Jung Hae In shared that his recent project, DP was his personal top 1 scene and memorable for him.

The first part concluded with that segment.

Part 2

Jung Hae In came back while singing the song, Memories More Than Love. He once again showed off his sweet captivating voice. I was just looking at him at that moment getting mesmerised by his charm.

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He said he chose to sing that song because it is his favorite track from Snowdrop and he practiced a lot to sing it for his fans. How sweet he is!

Jung Hae In mentioned that he’s recently interested in golf and he’s trying hard to get used to it. Looking at the green grass and trees brings healing to him but he’s getting stressed because the ball doesn’t go the way that he wants. He’s so cute and so funny.

With that being said, Jung Hae In showed his putting skills to us by playing golf in front of us and every time he succeeds, there is a photo time for Haeiness using those cute props.

On the other hand, Jung Hae In read stories from 3 lucky fans and gave them special gifts.

Jung Hae In somehow relate to one of the stories of his fan, it’s about a fan who wants to pursue her chosen career but doesn’t feel the support of her parents in the path she is taking.

He stated, “To be honest, I also was not destined to be an actor.”

He shared that when he was in middle to high school, he was dreaming such a different career and suddenly changed his path when he was in college. His parents didn’t cheer for him as well because they think that the job of being an actor is unstable and it is very difficult to become successful but he was really confident that time.

Though he was lonely, he had the confidence that he will become successful, his parents are cheering for him now but there were times when he had to prove himself and had difficult times. He encourages the fan who shared her story and wished that she have the power and energy so that she would finish her studies and prove herself very well.

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Jung Hae In performed the song, Hidden Road dedicated to the fans who face difficulties in life.

He thanked everyone who came to his fan meeting and he expressed that the loud cheers of his Filipino fans gave him so much energy. He will never forget the eyes of every Haeiness and when he goes back to Korea, he’ll do his best in his acting career so that he can give more comfort and joy to everyone.

Hae In was so surprised by the special video message made by his PH Haeiness, he got so emotional after watching that and said that PH Haeiness is the best.

“Maraming salamat po. Ingat ka. Mahal na mahal kita,” he concluded and along with the crowd, he sang a love song titled, I Chose To Love You.

The event wrapped up with a hi-bye session and a photo opportunity with him with lucky fans.

Way back in 2019, this was my second time attending Jung Hae In’s fan meeting and I am still amazed at how charming and talented he is in person.

To our dearest Jung Hae In, we love you and we promise to support you in the next 10th season and more of your career. Thank you for making us all happy that night, until we meet again!

Thank you so much CDM Entertainment and VIU Philippines for making this event possible.

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