When iKON says “I’m bringing party to you, Hope you ready?” they mean it, as they wrap up their Take-Off Manila stop on August 5th.

The combination of the fiery red ocean, pounding music, iKON‘s incredible stage presence, and the overwhelming energy of iKONICs, creates a truly unforgettable concert experience.

Here’s what went down during iKON Take Off in Manila, presented by Pulp Live World.

Hits that Rocked Manila

Smart Araneta Coliseum was transformed into a sea of vibrant red lights, electrifying energy, and uncontainable excitement as Kpop powerhouse iKON took the stage for their highly anticipated concert, “Take-Off”.

The concert started with an explosive opening of their newest track, “Tantara.”

Moreover, the concert opening consists of fan favorites such as “Sinosijak,” “Killing Me,” “Rhythm Ta,” and “Bling Bling” that set the tone for the rest of the night.

iKON had the filo-iKONICS sing at the top of their lungs with their mega chart-topping hit, “Love Scenario.”

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With a setlist comprising their greatest hits, the group showcased their musical prowess and dynamic stage presence.

Photo credits to Smart Araneta Coliseum
Photo credits to Smart Araneta Coliseum

KONYs (iKON members) solos also spark joy in the audience. The different performances and genres are truly a treat.

Donghyuk or DK performs a sexy and sultry “Kiss Me“, while Junhoe plays his guitar and vocal riffs with “Want You Back.”

To add, Bobby wows everyone with his heartfelt song “HeartBROKEN PlaYBoY.”

Closing the solos is a lively trot performance from Song Yunhyeong. “Eurachacha” made everybody dance and vibe to classic Korean trot music.

iKON took a heartfelt turn, serenading the crowd with emotional ballads like “Goodbye Road,” creating a beautifully balanced concert experience that catered to a spectrum of emotions.

When “Bday” came on, it was pandemonium. The anthem rocked the whole Araneta Coliseum to its core. iKON was met with deafening cheers and an enthusiastic Filipino party.

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Always and Forever with iKON

The iKON members not only performed but also connected with the audience personally. In between songs, they expressed gratitude and shared personal stories, like the phone call with Jinhwan (now serving in the military), making the huge coliseum feel like an intimate gathering of friends.

A standout moment was when the boys shared their thoughts on performing in Manila. Bobby and Chan also showcase some cute Tagalog phrases.

“You guys are craaaazyyy. Manila is the best”

– Donghyuk

“Hello maganda”

– Bobby

“Ikaw lang ang nasa puso ko”

– Chanwoo

“Thank you for the warm welcome”

– June

To make the night even more memorable, iKONICs treated the boys to surprises with touching message banners and a special video. Indeed, forever and always.

An iKONIC Party to Remember

Moreover, iKON teased a new track from their upcoming album, sending the crowd into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation.

With a final bow and heartfelt words of gratitude, iKON bid their Filipino fans farewell, leaving a sense of euphoria.

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Take-Off in Manila marked a monumental night for both group and their dedicated Filipino fanbase, as iKON delivered a performance that will undoubtedly last in the hearts of iKONICs for years to come.

This event is presented to us by Pulp Live World.

Share your iKONIC memories with us, mga bes! What’s your unforgettable iKON Take-Off in Manila moment?

Take-off in Manila. Presented by Pulp Live World. Photo credits to 143 Entertainment.
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