4 Reasons why you should consider adding ‘Moving’ to your watchlist!

Moving is a fast-paced action series that follows a group of innocent teenagers with superpowers who have spent their lives hiding their abilities from the world in an attempt to protect themselves and their loved ones from exploitation. It was adapted from the smash webtoon under the same name.

Moving has just recently been released in Disney+, and if you are still contemplating on watching it, here are the four reasons as to why you will want to add this to your watch list!

1. Interesting worldbuilding

If you like fast-paced action with fantasy elements, this show is for you! Moving is an action-packed series, featuring secret agents, assassins, and super powered humans hiding away from the world. There is also someone secretly hunting them down, one-by-one. Moving will surely keep you at the edge of your seat after every episode!

2. Lovable characters with fascinating powers

Almost every main character in the cast has a superpower, and while some choose to hide away their powers, there are some who are just starting to embrace it. It is also interesting to see how these affect their daily lives, and how they choose to use it. Will they use it for the greater good? Or to enact revenge?

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3. Elaborate character arcs

As mentioned by Kangfull, each character gets to have their own spotlight in the show. To add more depth into each of the characters, their background stories are shown. If you find yourself getting attached to one of the characters, you can get a fully fleshed-out character arc and learn more about said character!

4. Dream team of Korean talent

Moving stars Ryu Seungryong, a versatile actor best known for his performances in Extreme Job, Kingdom, and Miracle in Cell No. 7; Han Hyojoo, a talented actress who has amassed a huge following for her acting in W, and The Beauty Inside (2015 film); and the highly-respected Zo Insung, whose performances in It’s Okay, That’s Love and Escape from Mogadishu have cemented his place in Korean cinema. Starring alongside these established veteran actors are up-and-coming actors depicting the story’s teenagers, including: Lee Jungha (Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung); Go Younjung (Alchemy of Souls, Sweet Home) and Kim Dohoon (Today’s Webtoon, Here’s My Plan).

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Personally, Moving is fun to watch. Seeing the characters navigate the world with their superpowers is interesting. There are others who need to relax so that their powers do not show, as their feelings are closely related to it. The action scenes are incredibly well-made and fast-paced, keeping it entertaining even for those who are not particular about that genre. The relationships between the characters are also a big part of the show, and is arguably one of the best things about it. The endearing concern the parents have for their children, and the admiration and budding relationship between the classmates will surely be tugging at your heartstrings.

Moving has just recently landed in Disney+, so check it out now!

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