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Six reasons why I (and you might too) fell in love with One Spring Night

Written by: Clarice M. Aytona

This 2019 K-drama got me curious because I’ve heard a lot of opinions with regards to this especially about this having the same director and writer as Something in the Rain. But me being me, I will only believe or give an opinion to something when I’m done seeing it with my own point of view. So I disregarded all the opinions online, watched it myself and I have to say that liking this alone is an understatement. I LOVE IT. So here are my six (6) reasons why I (and you might too) fell in love with One Spring Night:

1. Jung Hae In

This reason does not need any further explanations. I mean, his name alone speaks of talent and visuals. BUT! With all honesty, I just recently knew him and I must say, why? To whom did I spend my time fangirling that is not you? Because this guy, this Jung Hae In, is superior. I read that Hae In started late with his acting career but as I watch every drama that he’s in, it makes me think that this guy might be fooling us. His acting skills are superb that he may be mistaken as someone who started acting since he was born. Hae In being undeniably handsome is given but him being so extra passionate about what he does makes him more attractive and worth to stan for. 

2. The plot

When I read the synopsis of this drama, I find it very amusing because it is not every day that we will see a K-drama with many unusual situations especially the issue of being a single parent. It got my curiosity. I want to see how they will handle the situation considering the norms/culture in South Korea. And voila! It exceeded my expectation. Why? Simply because I got to feel the emotions that the story wanted me to feel as a viewer. I got angry, sad, disappointed, excited. In short, mixed emotions. This proves that the scriptwriting and enactment of the drama are effective enough to enter the inner emotions of the viewers.

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3. Character portrayal

This is one of the most crucial factors that I look forward to in every drama. I’ve seen plenty of Korean drama of different genres. There are few of them that I loved the story but it just doesn’t satisfy me enough because of the thought that “this could’ve been a better drama if this particular artist portrayed this role”. But in this drama, starting from the lead up to the supporting role, it was like they were born for their own respective roles. Young actors in this drama have reached the quality of acting that their sunbaes are showing and overall, each of them will satisfy you with their sincere acting skills. No one is superior nor lacking in his or her acting skill. 

Another thing, I have to commend Han Ji Min not just as an actress but as an individual in this drama. There are only a few dramas that portray a strong, independent lead actress, and she killed it. Her acting was so natural that you will forget she was once this shy type friend of Jang Geum in Jewel in the Palace. She is a perfect example for women out there who wish to go on their life in her own phase. So empowering.

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4. The flow of the story

In general, this focuses on Hae In being a single parent at a very young age in which he had portrayed with justice and ended up empowering all single parents out there. He showed what kind of strength a single parent must have to overcome the daily struggle of being the sole foundation of a child’s future. However, if you take a close look at the flow, this is not only about being a single parent but also on how you will stand with your principles as an individual with far different beliefs compare to the people around you and that these people are not just mere people, they are your family, your friends. This is about acceptance, forgiveness, and life’s reality that people have their own selfish side. It will just be a matter of whether or not it will be worth your sacrifices. Upon watching this, you may get irritated at Ji Min’s father and ex-boyfriend but know that they played a huge part in making this drama more balanced and realistic. To know more about them, watch the whole drama. 

5. The OST

The OST of this drama will make you want to ride a bus alone with your earphones on while you’re looking outside with the rain pouring endlessly. Perfect for your emo mood or maybe just like in my case, I felt like I’m experiencing a heartbreak even though I’m really not but I just did because of how soothing and how personally written these songs are. This track also includes a few English songs which are good, because non-Korean viewers need not to translate anymore to understand the meaning of the songs.

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6. Lastly, it touched my heart big time

In the photo below, Ji Min is asking Hae In to change his photo with his son into the photo of the three of them together. You see, being a single parent is one of the hardest things ever. What more in Hae In’s case. He became a single parent at a very young age. That is why finding and having someone that will accept you wholeheartedly and someone who will fight with you, it is beyond everything life has to offer. It is something that will only come once in your life that’s why it might make you feel worried and vulnerable at times but at the end of the day, you know you’ll fight for it until the end regardless of what situation you may be in. 

I also liked Hae In’s reaction in this scene for it seemed to be a genuine reaction of a single parent being finally accepted without any judgments. 

Image courtesy of The Swoon

If you already watched this drama, congratulations! You just witnessed a masterpiece.

If not, give it a shot. You will not just enjoy Jung Hae In’s innocence here but you will also learn a lot of lessons and realizations that you might be able to use in your personal life later on. 

Just like any other drama, there are also lapses in One Spring Night, but let me just leave it to you for you to figure it out. Enjoy watching!

Featured image courtesy of MBC

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  1. Watched it and loved it. I really love Han Ji Min and I started liking Hae In at While You Were Sleeping. They were so good together. Never failed to wait excitedly till next episode of the drama was aired on netflix. Natural acting. Relevant issues were tackled, domestic violence, single parenting, etc. Lovely.

  2. Indeed! I fell in love with the story and the main characters. Even if it were not them (JHI and HJM) who played the role, I’d still root for OSN. Good thing they’re the lead actors of this beautiful drama, they made it even more exciting and interesting to watch.

    The struggle to stay in a relationship is real, specially if you’ve been together for ages and the spark is almost gone. It takes renewal of commitment to keep the relationship going. One should take the intitive, the other one shld support it. It always takes two to tango.

    But if a relationship turned sour already and is hanging by a thread, stop holding on, it’s time to let go. Like what Jeong-in did when she ended her hopeless relationship with Gi-seok.

    Your own happiness matters. You can’t make people around you happy if you are misrable.

    However, once you decide to stay together and make the relationship work, you have to be sincerely committed till the end because the hurdles are many and you’ll both be braving storms. But once the storm passes and u came out unscathe you become braver and your relationship stronger.

    This is what Ji-ho and Jeong-in did, they held on and fought together

    OSN hits home♥️

  3. I watched it so many times.. I cried a river when HJI and his son had a meal with the family of HJM.. Laugh a lot when she got drunk in his house.. Cried again when she assured the parents that she will take care of his man and his son. So much emotions that it relaxes me every time I watch this K Drama.. One of my favorites aside from Love Rain, Somerhing in the Rain, Full House, and the latest Hometown Cha Cha Cha… My heart is full with these kdramas❤️

  4. I have to give my shout to Han Ji Min who plays the role of Jung In who can be selfish, impatient, indecisive but also passionately loving and strong in the wave of oppositions. Ji Hoo needs a courageous woman like Jung In. HJM played her character with such intricate balance of various emotions. Her character is more difficult to portray compared to one tone character. I am not surprised at her talents, just checked her long list of prestigious awards she received. The story also straddles the grey area of what is considered cheating. Everyone will have a different answer and belief system. Should one pursue own happiness at all cost, including your parents’ happiness?

  5. I felt unresolved after watching something in the rain. But this OSN gave me full closure by learning that one should never be shaken for the love ones regardless of other’s judgment. Unlike in something in the rain, Hae In and Ji Min stood on their ground firmly once they had decided to sail. Indeed, an excellence piece!

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