KMovie Recommendation: In Tune For Love

****Spoiler Alert****

In Tune For Love also called as Yoo Yeol’s Music Album is a South Korean Movie about life, love, hopes and dreams. For second chances and new beginnings. Starring Jung Hae In as Hyun Woo/Hyeon-u and Kim Go Eun as Mi Su.

The Story:

The story began on the day they first met at Mi su’s bakery. Hyeon-u just came out of the juvenile prison, stopped going to school and started looking for work and was lucky enough to find it at Mi su’s bakery. Everything was going well until Hyeon-u’s friend found out where he was working and everything became noisy that Mi su’s sister asked them to leave. Misu liked Hyeon-u’s presenece but she had a feeling that, that was the last time she will be seeing him. And she was not wrong about it.

After several years, the bakery was closed. Mi su graduated from school and is now looking for a stable job and her sister now owns a noodle place and married. Hyeon-u’s working as an errand guy. As he was helping out an old woman, he passed by the bakery only to find Mi su outside. They were happy to see each other and tried to catch up only to find out the Hyeon-u’s set to enlist for the military the next day. Mi su decided to make him an email address so that they can keep in touch each other only to find out that she only gave him the email address she created and was not able to include the password.

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Years passed but Mi su continued sending Hyeon-u emails even thought she knew he won’t be able to read it. Until one day, she received an email from Hyeon-u from the email she created showing that he figured out the password. Would they finally have the chance to be together? Is this the moment that they’ve been waiting for? Or would this be the sign that would tell tgem that they’re not meant to be? You can find out by watching it on Netflix Tune in For Love. Let me hear your thoughts.

My Thoughts :

As I was watching it, I was not really expecting anything. I thought that it was the usual romantic film that I see but I was so surprised that this movie proved me wrong. A simple plot with a deep meaning. Get your tissues ready or was I just being emotional.

We are not perfect, we make mistakes. But we usually receive second chances, unfortunately, second chances does not mean anything if the person who gave it to you does not believe that you could change. There are mistakes in our lives that we regret so much. We either learn from it or have it drag us down. The choice is always ours, and things will be easier as long as we one person who would believe in us.

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Hang in there, you maybe having a hard time now, but tomorrow is another day. Another chance to change and be better. Things will get better soon.

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