WATCH: JTBC drops ‘Snowdrop’ first official trailer!

Snowdrop trailer is finally here! It’s finally getting closer to our screens!

After the long wait, fans are now ready for Snowdrop! JTBC has uploaded the series’ first official trailer featuring its main leads. The series stars Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

Snowdrop Official Poster
Photo from JTBC through Naver.

Snowdrop gives us an old-school vibe as the drama is set in 1987 where a lot of protests were held for fair elections. There, we are introduced to our main leads, Im Suho (played by Jung Hae In) and Eun Young-ro (played by Jisoo). The two are both university students who have their own stories to unfold.

JTBC has uploaded the Snowdrop trailer earlier on their Facebook page. You can watch it below:

As seen in the trailer, it highlights some melancholic vibes as the two leads shared their sentiments. In Jung Hae In’s voice-over, he was telling he’s sorry for something he’s done. Meanwhile, Jisoo expressed that she is missing someone and wished to meet that person even once.

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Meanwhile, Snowdrop is set to premiere in December and will be available for streaming in select countries through Disney Plus.

Are you looking forward to this drama bes? Share your thoughts!

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