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K-Drama Review: A Piece Of Your Mind

Might contain spoilers!

It’s been weeks since tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ended, but I can still feel the warmth of A Piece Of Your Mind.

3 Ways “A Piece Of Your Mind” Has Been Healing Viewers This Spring
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A Piece Of Your Mind is a story about Moon Ha Won (Jung Hae In) and Han Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) who met by accident through Ha Won’s past love, Kim Ji Soo (Park Joo Hyun). The two found comfort from each other, and eventually fell in love.

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Ha Won is an AI programmer who develops a device that could be used by hospital patients. He is a person with a pure heart, but the loss of his mom and past love made him a bit cold at times.

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Seo Woo is a music engineer, who also worked with Ha Won through one of his projects. She looks tough on the outside, but losing both of her parents on a forest fire made her a bit fragile.

My rating: 9/10

A Piece of Your Mind was originally a 16-episode drama, but tvN shortened the drama to 12 episodes due to low ratings.

Some may find this drama a bit slow and boring, but I love the refreshing vibe it gives. The chemistry between the two leads is perfect and they portray different emotions that viewers can easily relate to.

I love the plot so much, but there are scenes which I just couldn’t connect or I think irrelevant to the main story.


When I watched the first two episodes, it initially gave me the clue that it’s about “the one that got away kind of love” or a “one-sided love” or an “unrequited love“.

The drama is a bit about that, but there’s so much more to the story.

Aside from the love part, this drama also tackles different emotions one could feel.

The portrayal of the two main leads gave so much color to the drama and I think that’s important to a melodrama.

More about the story

Kim Ji Soo is Moon Ha Won’s childhood love but the two didn’t get the love story that they want due to certain events. They got separated and Ji Soo eventually got married and the two never speak again.

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Ha Won is a successful AI programmer and he’s currently working on a device that seems to be an extension of one’s memory, emotions and personality. To keep it simple, it’s a device version of yourself.

Since Ha Won hasn’t spoken with Ji Soo in years, he attempted to create a device with Ji Soo’s personality. And that’s where Seo Woo comes in: she will have Ji Soo’s voice recorded, and then Ha Won can start from there.

Initially, Ha Won didn’t think the two (Seo Woo and Ji Soo) would create a friendship after meeting for a few times.

Then, later on, Ha Won and Seo Woo finally met. First, it was accidentally. But the next meetings they have, they planned it together. Without them knowing, they enjoyed having each other around all the time.

With their unexpected closeness, Ha Won and Seo found comfort from each other, and eventually, they learned how to show their feelings not only to one another but also to their selves.

Since Ha Won couldn’t let go of his love for Ji Soo, can Seo Woo help him move on?


Moon Ha Won played by Jung Hae In

He’s not officially dubbed as the “melodrama king”, but some people call him that since he’s great at acting in a few melodramas like Something In The Rain and One Spring Night.

I am his fan and I’ve seen most of his dramas. He truly gives so many emotions and character to every role he played. In short, I’m always drawn to him whenever I watch him act.

His portrayal of Moon Ha Won is really effective since I can feel his sadness and happiness all at once.

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Han Seo Woo by played Chae Soo Bin

She’s been acting for quite some time now, but I have never seen any of her dramas yet. This was actually the first one I’ve seen and I was really impressed. That actually means something to me and I love it when I appreciate actors on their first drama or movies that I watched.

Her portrayal of Seo Woo is perfect as well, since she conveyed her bright personality even though she’s in pain inside. I don’t know how actors do it, but I can totally feel her emotions. Especially during the scene with her parent.

Other characters

I couldn’t name them all so I decided to just talk about the two main leads, but the rest of the characters in this drama has their own story.

I love it when dramas show not only the story of the main casts, but also the people around them. It makes me understand why they do certain things and that also gives more stories to the main casts.


I’ve seen enough of Jung Hae In’s dramas, and I know his dramas has the best OSTs.

This song called Slowly Fall is one of my favorite from the drama:

My thoughts

A Piece Of Your Mind is that heartwarming drama that everyone should watch!

Here are a few things I love about the drama:

1. The connection of the device in their story

I mentioned here that Ha Won is working on a device that could recreate your emotions, and eventually, you can talk to it as if it’s a real person.

If that’s real, it’s going to be a hit to everyone! Imagine, a device you can talk to even if they are not around?

It was also mentioned in the drama that Ha Won’s company is proposing this at a hospital which I believe would help with trauma patients.

The connection of device in the drama seems like a symbol of the characters moving on. They needed the device to let go of things they can’t control so that they can enjoy life once again.

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2. The pureness of love

Ha Won and Seo Woo have a beautiful love story.

Even though it was not shown in the first two episodes, their love between each other will eventually develop and bloom.

I love how innocent and pure their love is. It’s like they need nothing in this world as long as they have each other.

It’s like their hugs could take away all the pain in the world.

That’s the kind of love I want.

Their love is so refreshing and warm. Something you’d want to hold on to once you felt it.

Their love will make your heart flutter! *kilig*

Watching the two fall in love feels like it’s my first time falling in love! That’s how pure their love is!

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3. The beauty of Seoul

Since I watched plenty of K-dramas, I always love seeing the beauty of Seoul.

This drama shows how beautiful Seoul is, day or night.

The streets they walk, the cafes they visit, the bridge the two frequent, and even the recording studio Seo Woo works at, I’m sure they’ll all be a must visit place to K-drama fans soon!

Is this drama worth it?


I would recommend this to those who are looking for a heartwarming drama.

This drama is definitely something you can learn from to.

There are plenty of remarkable quotes from the drama, but this one is my favorite:

How did you live without knowing about this love? He loves you so desperately.

A Piece Of Your Mind is a drama you shouldn’t miss!

Make sure to watch it to witness a beautiful love between two people!

If you haven’t watched this yet, you can stream it on Viu here.

Don’t forget to share your feels with us, bes!

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  1. Ok. I Will watch this movie…Im a New fan of K-drama since I started watching Huwarang, I cant stop watching K dramas (RomCom) anymore. Hae In is my 3rd guy now (1st is Seo Joon, 2nd is Huyn Bin) after watching Something in the Rain, One Spring Night…now I’ll watch this A Piece of your mind. I trust your opinion about this movie because you conveyed it perfectly…kapanipaniwala! Salamat po!

  2. What a beautiful review! Very well said. I feel every words you said here because it’s what I also felt when I watched this drama. It is something refreshing, a reminder that is simple yet so deep and poignant. Watching it sounds like I am a reading a book lying on a, whilst it’s raining. Then you got a cup of tea or coffee.
    Beautiful drama! I forgot the two leads looks good together. I love Chae So Bin in I am not a robot and I love her more here. Jung Hae In is just sooooo handsome.

  3. Excellent review. I agree with you in all senses. This is a beautiful drama that should be seen with an open heart. Thanks!!!

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