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“You’ll never really know what a person is going through unless they let you into their world. Only then would you realize that it was not what you imagined it to be.”

The story revolves around one of the families who lost their child in the Sewol Tragedy. It shows the struggle that they had trying to survive the loss of their child. After a long time being abroad, the father of one of the child who died came home. His family is having a hard time adjusting with his presence since they were so used of him being gone. As he tries to reconnect with his lost family he suddenly realized that not everyone was okay as they pretend to be, including him. That every one of them are trying their best to live, trying to survive. To the point that they live in denial of the pain that they have after losing a son and brother.

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Their regrets are pain they chose to feel. The suffering that they think they deserve. The what ifs starts and the blaming continues and the pain adds up until it chokes them up and blow up beyond their control. They chose not to seek help because they are afraid of what would be asked in return.

As the people we love dies unexpectedly, the people left behind tries their best to survive. Some try to cope up by continuing the dream of someone close to them or someone they love to let them know that they are not forgotten. Some people live in denial pretending that the person they love are just there. They pretend that they just went on a trip and will be back. Others are not fortunate enough, they end up blaming themselves and ask why they have to exist instead of them. The guilt kicks in because we always thought that maybe if we did something at that time maybe things won’t end up the way they did. But what we forget is that there are things that’s beyond our control and it is not the fault of the person left behind to be alive. But feeling the guilt will never be easy to remove, they need someone who will understand them, someone patient enough to listen. Someone who is willing to be there until they feel okay. Until they have accepted the fact that the person they love is now on a better place. And believing that does not mean you love them less or that you will forget them because that will. never happen. They will forever be in our heart but instead of remembering the pain, we would be celebrating the good times we have with them.

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This is such a heart wrenching at the same time a heart warming story about life, love family and second chances. We all deserve to have second chances to make things right and to make things better than it was before.

If you appreciated and love Miracle in Cell No. 7, this one is for you. A simple story will surely touch your heart.


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