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AOMG’s “Follow The Movement” is coming to Manila! 

Manila is about to experience an above ordinary night with AOMG artists! 

AOMG Word Tour 2023 “Follow The Movement” is happening on January 15, 2023, 6pm at the New Frontier Theater. It’s gonna be a thrilling night to remember with Simon Dominic, Gray, Loco, Lee Hi, Yugyeom, and Woo. This event is brought to us by Pulp Live World

Above Ordinary Music Group or AOMG is a South Korean hip-hop and R&B label founded by Jay Park in 2013.

Simon Dominic, DJ Wegun, Yugyeom, DJ Pumpkin, Loco, Lee Hi, Woo, and Gray having fun at a photo booth before AOMG World Tour in Bangkok. (Image from Loco’s Twitter account @satgotloco)

While we are all excited about their first concert in Manila, let us get to know these amazing artists a little more. 

Simon Dominic

Jung Ki Seok, also known as SsamDi, is a South Korean rapper that debuted in 2009. He became a co-CEO of AOMG along with Jay Park in 2014 but he stepped down from his position in 2018 so he can focus more on his music. Some of his popular songs are Simon Dominic, make her dance, TTFU, DAx4, ‘ya ain’t gang, GOTT and Party Forever. 

Check out his latest track with Loco, Woo, and Coogie “TTFU” below. 

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Lee Seong-hwa or Gray, is a South Korean singer, rapper, and record producer. In 2021, he released his first studio album “Grayground”. He is known for producing and collaborating with various K-hip hop artists like Jay Park, Loco, Simon Dominic, Lee Hi, BewhY, and pH-1, just to name a few. He also appeared as a producer on Show Me The Money 10 along with Winner’s Mino.

Here’s Gray with “Baby Don’t Cry” feat. Yumdda. 


Loco or Kwon Hyuk Woo was the first season winner of South Korean rap competition “Show Me The Money” in 2012. He really come a long way from starting to rap due to his stuttering while talking, Loco is now known as one of the most popular Korean rappers in the country. Some of his hit songs are Too Much, Say Yes, Party Band, and It takes Time.

Here’s the iconic duo Loco and Mamamoos’s Hwasa with “Somebody”. 

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Lee Hi

HOLO, Only, Red Lipstick, BREATHE, For You, and 1, 2, 3, 4 are just some of Lee Hi’s songs that we are excited to listen live. She first appeared on the survival show K-pop Star 1 where she finished as a runner-up in 2012. Her debut single 1, 2, 3, 4 in October 2012 was a huge success that gave her a New Artist Award and Best Rookie Award in the same year. Since then, Lee Hi has been one of the most sought-after soloists in the Korean music industry.

As we are all thrilled to hear her warm and comforting voice live, here’s Ha-yi feat. B.I with “Savior“.


Kim Yugyeom is the youngest AOMG artist. The GOT7 member signed with the label in 2021 after his group’s contract ended with JYP Entertainment. He is a singer, dancer, and songwriter that debuted in 2014. This will be his second time visiting the Philippines as a solo artist following his first concert in Manila last August 2022. He dropped his first solo album Point Of View: U in June 2021 which includes songs All Your Fault, I Want U Around, Running Through The Rain, All About You, Love the Way, Falling In Love, and When U Fall. 

Yugyeom recently released a new track “Ponytail” featuring Sik-K. Check out his latest song here.

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Woo Won Jae, also known as Woo, is a South Korean rapper that debuted in 2017. He was 3rd place on Show Me The Money 6. Afterwards, Woo released his debut single “We Are” in the same year that featured Loco and Gray. The song was a popular hit and achieved an all-kill on various Korean charts. This also won Hip Hop Track of the Year and Best Rap and Hip Hop Song in 2018. 

Check out Woo’s “Me” from his latest EP [comma]. 

See you all on Sunday and let us all scream our hearts out!

Featured images from ELLE, W Korea, Marie Claire, and AOMG

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