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5 Upcoming Chinese dramas to anticipate this 2023

Everybody may find something to like in Chinese dramas in streaming powerhouses like VIU, iQIYI, and Netflix which have a number of endearing Chinese dramas to enjoy.

Chinese dramas frequently explore unexplored facets of Chinese culture while maintaining a high level of entertainment. Additionally, different C-drama genres, including historical fiction, rom-com, political, and family dramas, have expanded onto other internet streaming platforms.

So what are waiting for? Prepare to binge-watch these upcoming Chinese dramas (no release date as of the moment) from beginning to end while grabbing some munchies.

Lost You Forever

In ancient times, a region of the earth was governed by three mythical kingdoms, Sheng Nong, Xuan Yuan, and Gao Xing, where celestial beings, goddesses, demons, and legendary creatures lived nearby humans.

Image Source: Tencent Video

Gao Xin princess Jiu Yao faced several challenges while traveling through the wilderness, losing both her personality and her true look. Eventually, she settled down in Qing Shui Town, pretended to be a man named Wen Xiao Liu, and became an expert.

The future leader of the Tu Shan Clan, Tu Shan Jing, is unwittingly protected by Xiao Yao in Qingshui Town, where she also encounters a nine-headed devil named Xiang Liu and runs into her cousin, the Xuan Yuan emperor Qiang Xuan, who had been searching for her in the woods.

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The Furthest Distance

Su Ying is a dedicated interior designer, and Qin Yun Sheng is an emergency physician with a house that needs work. They get together as a result of their involvement in a reality TV show about home remodeling. Su Ying eventually lets Qin Yun Sheng into her previously locked heart as they get to know one another, only to learn that he still mourned his late sweetheart.

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Su Ying took the initiative to defend Qin Yun Sheng with a love that just might be powerful enough to cure them both, in an effort to bridge the distance that appeared to be the greatest between them.

Tiger Crane

Hu Zi, a positive and optimistic mountain orphan, unintentionally consumed the sun’s treasure and ran into the strict imperial demon master Qi Xiao Xuan. Due to a red pearl, these two very different young people are compelled to travel together.

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Along the way, they meet Zhao Xin Tong, Wang Yu Qian, Shan Cha, and other individuals. They transitioned from being reluctant partners to dependable companions over their adventure. The demon army, which had been restrained for 500 years, is poised to mobilize in an effort to end the world after they exposed the massive Guo Yu Yaoshi plot and discovered the truth about the monster.

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This group of enthusiastic young people will not hesitate to give their lives to preserve the planet and one another just as the goals of the human and demon worlds are about to bring about a disaster.

Twilight Heart

Liu Xia, a mental health counselor, came across a lady who intended to jump from a bridge. Liu Xia saw it and guided her using his understanding of psychology until she was able to effectively save the woman. When Qi Lianshan, a writer who was planning to turn his psychological reasoning novel into a film, came to see this situation, he called Liu Xia to serve as a consultant.

Image Source: Zhejiang Dongyang Hongbang Film and Television

Liu Xia established his own studio with high professional standards and empathy skills to help customers who have psychological strain due to work, family, or emotional problems to address issues and aid in recovery in order to accomplish the aim of aiding more people.

Each time they worked together, the two became closer. Eventually, their individual jobs were successful, and they also discovered a great love.

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Wonderland of Love

The emperor’s grandson Li Ni, serves as a border guard and is obliged to take full control of the uprising.  Despite being the emperor’s grandson, Li Ni’s father never showed any affection for him.

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He keeps his identity a secret and is happy to serve as a carefree frontline border general without any desire to rise to a position of authority. He meets the ambitious Cui Lin, the sole child of General Cui Yi, during military operations against the rebels. Cui Lin fought alongside the troops while hiding her actual identity and posing as Lieutenant He.

They occasionally calculate and forecast each other’s strategy and movements to battle as the victor in their rivalry, which sets them on the route to romance.

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