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A Blissful, Healing Moments in The Rose’s ‘Heal Together’ World Tour in Manila 2023

Following their concert, We Rose You Live in Manila in 2019, it’s another night to remember for PH Black Roses as they HEAL TOGETHER with their beloved band, The Rose in 2023.

Presented by Three Angles Production, charismatic and multitalented band, The Rose successfully wrapped up their heal together world tour in Manila last January 14.

Without further ado, let us all reminisce about the blissful and healing moments with them.

The Rose singing Definition of Ugly Is

Black Roses welcomed the band with a loud cheer. The show kicked off with their song, Definition of Ugly Is, followed by their song, Insomnia, She’s In the Rain, and Modern Life.

Dojoon was the first member who greeted the fans saying, “What’s up Manila! How’s everybody doing? It’s perfect weather tonight, it’s a perfect day for you and (for) us to enjoy.”

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They introduced themselves one by one and fans were so ecstatic when they heard Woosung saying “Kumusta po kayo!”

The blissful night continued with The Rose singing their hit singles namely, California, I Don’t Know You, Candy, and Red.

The Rose singing Red

After that, They performed See-Saw a song which was penned by Jaehyeong. It’s a meaningful song that expresses his past hardships in life. He said that he’s okay now thanks to his co-members, friends, and Black Roses.

That meaningful song was followed by Childhood, ILY, Shift, Time, and Yes.

The Rose singing Yes

“Manila has a different energy,” Dojoon said after Black Roses shared beautiful energy in singing Yes.

Woosung affirmatively responded and said, “Hands down, the loudest City in Southeast Asia”

Finally, Sorry, Beauty and the Beast, Cure, and Sour were the last set of songs they performed.

The Rose singing Sorry

Fans were so surprised when Woosung, Dojoon, Jaehyeong, and Hajoon came back on stage while singing Black Rose as their encore song.

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The Rose singing Black Rose

“Tell me it’s okay, don’t be afraid, nobody can take away, take away, love is the way.”

-Black Rose

The struggles they’ve encountered in life made them stronger and gave them the courage to fulfill their burning desire to share their talents with everyone and heal them through their songs.

Thank you for not giving up and being such an inspiration to all Black Roses. We Rose You forever! 🖤🌹

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