GOT7 reveals new logo and official social media accounts amidst the reports of their May comeback!

“Crying. Shaking. Screaming.”

This is definitely how all Ahgases (Got7‘s fandom name) felt when an unexpected update from Got7 came out. The word kalma is probably far from their mind when the group shook their Friday afternoon with the launch of new logo and official social media accounts. 

They shared it via Twitter on May 6, 2022. You can follow them here so you’ll be updated on their future group activities. 

A clip showing the new logo with caption “GOT7 IS OUR NAME” was also shared.

Got7 is listed too as an artist on Warner Music Korea’s site. They have been partnering with them since 2021 when they release their digital single Encore.

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Last April 2022, there were news that the group has been preparing for a May comeback. Earlier reports said that it is already on final stages of preparation and the members will temporarily suspend their solo activities for them to focus on the upcoming group schedule. 

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No confirmation has been released yet, but the recent launch and subtle spoilers from some members ignite the fans speculations. 

Jay B, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom signed to different agencies upon expiration of their contract with JYP Entertainment on January 2021. Despite that, the group  remained intact and kept their promise to fans since day 1. 

Got7 never really lied when they said that it is “7 or never” and “7 or nothing”. 

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So, Ahgases, are you emotionally (and financially!) ready? Hold on tight cause the famous line, “Papunta palang tayo sa exciting part” is indeed happening!

Let us all keep on supporting them and stay tuned for future updates! 

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