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Meeting your ultimate bias for the first time always leave footprints into our heart and one of the greatest achievement any fan could ever have.

On August 27,2022, Kim Hanbin also known as B.I finally meet his Filipino IDs at the New Frontier Theater with two shows respectively. The 1 PM and 7 PM event.

About B.I

B.I officialy made his debut as a soloist last June 01, 2021 with the album Waterfall after being in the music industry for the long time. Prior to that B.I made his first music collaboration with Epik High in the song Acceptance Speech followed by his first donation album Midnight Blue.

On April 15, 2021, B.I named his fans as ID which means Be Indentity– someone who complete his identity.

B.I also released another album titled Cosmos and is about to release his upcoming third official album Love or Loved this autumn as mentioned during the fanmeeting.

Aside from that B.I also made collaboration on other international artists such as Destiny Rogers, Afgan, Souljaboy and other Korean artist like Lee Hi and more.

Event Highlights

B.I meet his Filipino IDs last August 27,2022 with two shows respectively.

In the 1 PM show B.I welcomed fans with the song Waterfall followed by Illa- Illa.

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“Waterfall” Performance- 1 PM SHOW

Aside from B.I’s breath taking performances there was also a segment called “What’s in the Box” wherein the talented idol needs to guess what’s inside the mystery box and getting the wrong answer is subject for penalty which surely excites B.I’s fans.

Watch B.I dances to K-pop song Attention:

“Attention” Performance- 1 PM SHOW

In the 1 PM show, B.I was asked to guess guyabano fruit, fake snake toy, Philippines traditional fan. He also dance with other K-pop girl group song as part of the penalty.

After the segment, B.I then proceed to give fans his intense performance with his song Flame and Lover.

Moreover, B.I also dressed up in a cute duck pajama get up as part of the segment Dating Balance Game wherein B.I would be your date for a day.

Fans were also given the chance to choose between two option when dating B.I to which ride would you go on, what snack would the two of you would eat, a kind of photos to be uploaded in the social media and the highlights of this segment is the confession speech on how B.I confess his feelings.

Watch B.I says “I love you 3000” and “Mahal na mahal kita” :

B.I ended the show with four songs BTBT, CosmosRe-birth and for the encore Gray.

In addition to the 1 PM show is the VCR made by fans dedicated to show their love and support to B.I. Watch it below.

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See photos below for the 1 PM show:

Meanwhile in the 7PM show, a different sequence of performance were presented by B.I. The show started with the song Illa- Illa followed by Waterfall respectively.

A segment What’s in the Box and Dating Balance Game were also included but with different option and penalties.

During What’s in the Box segment, instead of guessing the item in the mystery box, B.I asked first what’s the penalty and do it wholeheartedly for the fans.

After performing Flame and Lover, he proceed with the Dating Balance Game wherein B.I dressed as an aristocrat.

What makes the segment more exciting? B.I said “punta ka sa bahay ko,” which makes the fans scream harder and louder.

Watch it here:

Moreover, a different VCR were also showed to B.I and his reaction are priceless.

Watch it below:

Here are some photos taken from the 7 PM show:

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Surely being able to spent a day with your ultimate favorite in K-pop is an unforgettable one. It will serve as an inspiration and a memorabilia that once in your life you were able to see your top bias.

Thank you to Three Angles Production, 131 Label for making this fanmeeting in Manila possible. Also to Kim Hanbin official fanbase Charisma B.I Philippines for all the hardwork and to Philippine Khiphop Community as well. And to all IDs who donated and gathered to join the back to back event fo B.I.

Indeed a memorable night with our, Cosmos!

Written by:

Sarah Ji and Janezellll

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