Simon Dominic, SsamDi, or Jung Ki Seok, is a South Korean rapper. He debuted in 2009 as part of a hip-hop duo. At present, he is signed to AOMG and a member of a seasonal group, MSG Wannabe.

In this article, we’ll let you learn some interesting facts about Simon Dominic. For sure, upon learning more about him, you’ll appreciate his music more!

You can easily identify him due to his Busan accent

If there’s one thing that makes Simon different from the people around him, it would be his Busan accent. He’s born on March 9, 1984. Even though he’s in his late 30s, we can all agree that he’s one of the best-looking rappers in the industry.

His name has a unique meaning

Did you know that he actually used a different stage name before? Simon used K-OUTA during his underground hip-hop career. Most people are intrigued by the story behind his stage name. Simon once shared the meaning of his name like the following:

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Simon is derived from Wesley Snipes’ role in the film Demolition Man. Wherein Snipes took the role of Simon Phoenix. Dominic is the English pronunciation of his baptismal name, Domenico.

He even wrote a song, Simon Dominic, which tells his career story and challenges encountered during his early days. It topped achieved an all-kill topping the major Korean music platforms in 2016.

A variety show gem!

Apart from sealing his hip-hop career, Ssamdi also proved that he’s a variety gem! Throughout his career, Simon Dominic appeared on some popular Korean variety shows. To name, he’s been a guest to SBS’ Running Man and was also a part of MBC’s I Live Alone and Hangout with Yoo.

Simon Dominic is a doting uncle

Simon Dominic has a pretty niece named Chaewon. He often calls her Chae Chae, and the bond between the two is truly sweet! Simon even gifted his niece a bundle of cash for her first birthday. The uncle-niece duo appeared during an episode of I Live Alone.

During his interview for I Live Alone, viewers can see how he adores his niece very much. Simon even stated that having Chae Chae around changed him to be more hardworking. Definitely, he is one of the sweetest uncles out there!

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A good mentor

As a musician, Simon appeared as a judge and mentor on several hip-hop survival shows. He once appeared with Gray on Show Me the Money 5. They were the producing team that helped rapper BewhY win. He also worked with Loco on High School Rapper 4.

Simon also joined his labelmates from AOMG when they started an audition program titled, Signhere.

AOMG’s Signhere official poster / Poster from MBN

You’ll fall in love with his singing voice

Apart from rapping, Simon Dominic is known for his good singing voice. He debuted as part of MSG Wannabe, a seasonal group produced by Yoo Jae Suk through his show, Hangout with Yoo.

Good singer | Interesting facts about Simon Dominic
MSG Wannabe members / Source

You can watch his application video when he auditioned as part of MSG Wannabe below:

One of the best rappers in the Korean hip-hop scene

Ssamdi is once part of a famous underground crew named Jiggy Fellaz. The crew is notable for their strong presence and amazing talent in the hip-hop scene. Some of the popular members you may know who are part of it apart from Simon Dominic are Basick, EXID’s LE, Deepflow, and Bill Stax (formerly Vasco).

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He then moved to Amoeba Culture and was once part of the Supreme Team with E-Sens. Their duo was active since 2009 and got disbanded in 2013.

Supreme Team / Source

By 2014, he joined Jay Park to become the co-CEO of Park’s label, AOMG. However, he resigned as a co-CEO but remained an artist of AOMG. That being said, we can all agree that he worked hard to make his name known in the K-hip hop world that we know today.

Keep updated with Simon Dominic

If you’re a new Simon Dominic fan you can easily follow him on Instagram or even attend some of his Clubhouse sessions.

Meanwhile, you can listen to his latest single, At Night featuring Loco below:

Let’s all support Simon Dominic and all the Korean hip-hop artists out here!

Featured Image from Simon Dominic via Instagram

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