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WINNER’s MINO expands his artist spectrum with 3rd full album, “TO INFINITY.”

WINNER‘s MINO is back with his third full album, “TO INFINITY.” He used the concept of a digital gun man proving his expanded spectrum when it comes to music production.

Source: YG Entertainment

The title, “TO INFINITY.” is inspired by a line of the famous animated series, Toy Story. It is an iconic line by Buzz Lightyear. Mino added that the phrase “And beyond,” is something he wants to fill in with his inner circles. His statement will make the inner circles swoon over him! It is a testament that shows his “infinite love” for his fans.

Source: YG Entertainment

YG Entertainment stated that the album is “really Mino-like,” and added that it is a clear picture of Mino’s identity. Furthermore, Mino’s music production skills will impress its listeners due to the tracks inside the album.

There is hip-hop swag, sexy mood, and experimental sound are present in all tracks! Plus, fellow musical artists were all-in to feature in this album. “TO INFINITY.” is also considered a particularly lovely album with Mino’s concept of city cowboy.

The album’s main title, “Tang!♡” was able to stand out due to its impressive lyrics. The song directly implies a man’s willingness to pay any price to get love. What’s more interesting about this release is that Mino once again proved his music production skills. He fully participated in writing, composing, and arranging all the songs for this album.

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A special treat to Filipino Inner Circles

The album is now available for the public to order via Applewood’s website. Fans can also get a chance to win an online fan sign event with MINO! Signed polaroid prints and CDs will be given to the chosen inner circles.

Each album is at PHP1,150. For every purchase, fans can receive one (1) special Applewood exclusive photocard and one (1) printed message from Mino! For more details, you can visit here.

Meanwhile, you can listen to Mino’s title track, “TANG!♡” below:

PR and Images from APPLEWOOD Philippines and YG Entertainment

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