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Running Man Episodes to Watch this Holiday

You have probably heard of Running Man at least once in your life, even if you are not a huge Kpop fan.

Running Man has been on the air for over 12 years, with over 630+ episodes as of December 2022. And to round up this year, here are some Christmas-themed episodes you may watch.

Episode 74: 2nd Battle of the Strongest

In this episode, the members are invited specially to a RM Christmas party that will be held in a secret location. And since it is a couples-only event, they must have a date to enter the venue.

Screenshot from Running Man

Later on, the Running Man: Survival mission sequel was introduced, whereby the members must compete against one another using their special powers to be the last man standing.

Episode 125: Snow Fight Race

The first mission was at a ski track, where they had to be the first to reach the socks and put them on. The next mission requires each member to switch places on a balance beam at the snowy lodge’s swimming pool. The last mission takes place at a restaurant, and the person who eats the thirty-first dish is disqualified.

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And in to the final mission, they must oust other members by throwing the snowballs they won on each of the previous missions.

Episode 177: The Nightmare before Christmas

In this episode, the members are left with little more than a clue to investigate as they attempt to find the person who took Gary. And to get hints, they must complete various missions.

Screenshot from Running Man

Episode 226: Take Care of our Mother

In their first mission, the members must collect the items placed across the area and return to finish their mission. They also split into pairs and throw dice that represent will make up two-digit numbers. And for the last mission is the bingo game.

Screenshot from Running Man

Episode 278-279: X-Man Collaboration Special

In this Christmas-themed episode, Running Man and X-Man cross paths. Both familiar faces and newcomers will try to create new memories while legendary variety faces come back to relive old ones.

Episode 331: Christmas with Bad Santa

The cast comes together to celebrate Christmas in this episode. Their Christmas is quite unique, though. For their mission, they choose a member’s name at random, and then they act as a sneaky, bad Santa for that person.

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Screenshot from Running Man

Episode 382: The Nightmare of Christmas Race

Members gather for a special Christmas celebration. Each member brings an item that is associated with a memorable Christmas memory. However, this special party has a hidden purpose and the gifts they received from telling their experiences all vanish.

Screenshot from Running Man

Episode 429-431: Christmas Special

Jeon Somin, Song Jihyo, and Lee Siyoung start their race as team captains in this year-end special.

With the assistance of Haha’s wife, Byul, Somin’s team continues their mission in Hong Kong while Jihyo’s team makes a supper for 100 people. Siyoung’s team, meanwhile, puts themselves to the test by milking four bottles of sheep milk up a mountain.

Episode 432: Furious Santas’ Secret Mission

Finally, Ji Seokjin and Lee Kwangsoo get an opportunity to exact revenge on the members. Their goal as Furious Santas is to take the members’ personal property. If they wish to avoid penalties, they must steal every object before the race is over.

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Screenshot from Running Man

Episode 584-585: Year-end Closing Special

The eggs that Team Jaeseok and Team Jongkook have taken from other members must be used to prepare three different recipes. For them to win the race, they must successfully complete the cooking mission.

Screenshot from Running Man

Episode 634: Yoosanta and the Sixth Rudolph

Upcoming episode which will air December 25th, 2022 at 5PM KST.

Screenshot from Running Man

And in case you missed it, Running Man’s broadcast time slot will change starting next year. It was announced that it will begin airing on Sunday, January 1, 2023, at 6:20 PM KST.

What do you think of these Christmas special episodes? What do you like the most? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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