Singer-entertainer Ha Donghoon also known as HaHa, has finally made a comeback in the music scene after 10 long years and released an EP entitled GAP!

You may know him as the playful-kid-now-a-dad-of-three from famous variety shows such as Running Man, Infinite Challenge, and Hangout With Yoo, but HaHa was a singer first before an entertainer.

GAP which was released on December 8, contains 5 songs and includes a track with the same title on which he wrote the lyrics himself.

The song GAP (공백) sends a message about how he made it through as a runner-up in this dirty world where only the winners are recognized and remembered. He considered the lyrics as an autobiographical story of his life.

A music video was also released and his variety show brother Lee Kwangsoo stars in it!

Stream GAP MV here, and check out Kwangsoo’s brilliant dark acting!

HaHa also performed the song on Music Bank last December 10. We finally got to see him as an ending fairy!

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Watch his performance here!

As a long-time fan of HaHa, it was very heartwarming to see him sing and perform his heart out with his own music once again on stage.

We can’t wait to see more of your straight-from-the-soul music, HaHa! We’ll always run with you. Hwaiting!

Stream the EP on Spotify here.

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