5 reasons why you should watch Disney+’s The Zone: Survival Mission Season 2

Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo, and Kwon Yuri are back to take on new challenges as representatives of the human race!

Fans are happy to know that Disney+’s The Zone: Survival Mission has been renewed for season 2! And last June 14, season 2 was finally released with the first three episodes already available for streaming!

In season 1, the trio, Yu Jaeseok, Lee Kwangsoo, and Kwon Yuri, held out to survive some extreme disaster situations anyone can experience. As for season 2, the trio needs to hold out for 4 hours to survive some disastrous situations that can happen in our daily lives.

8 new episodes of thrilling, scary, and unimaginable missions are what await you. So if you’re still contemplating whether to watch this or not, here are 5 reasons why you should watch The Zone: Survival Mission 2!

Upgraded AI 2.0

AI 2.0 is better than ever!

Unlike the AI shown in the first season, AI 2.0 is a bit smaller BUT it’s even more advanced now.

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AI 2.0 will give the trio hard missions in which they have to hold out and survive.

Leveled-up missions

In season 2, The Zone: Survival Missions went to different places in South Korea and missions for this season are something you didn’t imagine happening in real life.

Trapped in a haunted hospital while finding water to survive? Playing golf on a sinking island? Trying to survive a moving bed that has been hijacked by a rogue AI and bringing you into random places without knowing what to do?

With these leveled-up missions, you would know that this new season is very much thought of. The production really poured their all into this new season. The scale of this brand-new season is out of this world!

Unexpected twists and turns

In the first three episodes, you’ll see a lot of twists and turns. Even the trio were surprised and did not expect any of these to happen. They were literally fighting to survive (especially in the scary episodes).

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And even as a viewer, you can’t help but think of ways on how you can survive if you were the one doing the missions. Like what is mentioned above, this season is something you didn’t imagine happening in real life.

Valuable lesson

This is my favorite part of the series: taking a lesson at the end of each episode.

Since the concept of this new season is experiencing various disasters that might happen in our daily lives, it’s nice to see how we, as human beings, can find ways to survive. We don’t know what kind of problems we might face daily and this new season showed how we must hold out to survive and ways how to survive these problems.

And since most missions are related to our daily lives, you’ll even have a moment of reflection about your life. Some thoughts to ponder.

SooYuRi trio

The chemistry of the three cast members is really incredible. As you watch the show, you’ll see how well they bonded on and off cam. You’ll see the roles of each member in every mission and how they deal with the missions as a group.

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True as they say, no man is an island. So this trio made this new season much more interesting because they are together finding ways to survive and do each mission. They are the perfect team for survival!

This trio also showed that surviving problems in our daily lives can also be done with the help of other people so being in a group makes surviving easier.

Have I convinced you yet?

This brand new season of The Zone: Survival Mission will keep you on the edge of your seats. Each episode will excite you despite the thrilling missions.

So what are you waiting for? Watch the first 3 episodes of The Zone: Survival Mission season 2 exclusively on Disney+.

New episodes are out weekly!

All images are courtesy of Disney+

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