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Fall in love with Golden Child Y’s beautiful voice: A list of his songs and song covers

As there are plenty of talented artists in the industry right now, it would be unfortunate to miss out on Golden Child Y’s beautiful voice.

His beautiful and sweet voice captured the hearts of many audiences and this proves that he deserves the position of the main vocalist in his group Golden Child. His voice deserves to be heard not only by his fans but by everyone around the world!

Get to know Golden Child’s Y

Choi Sungyoon, popularly known as Y, was born on July 31, 1995. He was born in Busan but grew up in Gyeongsang, Changwon, South Korea.

Sungyoon joined Woollim Entertainment in 2012 as a trainee. Years before debuting, he was a backup dancer for their senior group, INFINITE. Then in 2017, he debuted as a member of Golden Child.

Before he dreamed of becoming an idol, Sungyoon was a track and field athlete and even won a gold medal in the 100m run. And when he became an idol, they participated at ISAC in which he also won 2 gold medals for the 60m run.

In 2021, Y debuted as a musical actor and finally starred in his first ever lead role in the musical “Altar Boyz“. His musical career was then followed when he was cast in the musical “Midnight Sun” and he played the lead role once again!

Now in his 5th year in the industry, Y proved that he is one of the best. He showed that he’s not just an idol and a pretty face but also a host, actor, athlete, and inspiration to many.

With his amazing singing voice, you will definitely love him. Through the years, he proved that he is a great singer and that he can do more if he was given a chance. And every chance he gets, he takes it and does his best.

So without further ado, here is a list of songs Y sang throughout his career. It’s time to give recognition to his beautiful singing voice and fall in love with him!

1. Fantasia by Y

For their first full album “Re-boot”, Y sang his first solo song titled “Fantasia”. And as you listen to him sing, you’ll definitely see his colorful and sweet voice.

He sang this song a few other times and here are some of them:

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2. If Only You Are Fine by Nam Woohyun 

For Woollim The Live, Y covered an original song by his senior, Nam Woohyun. He gave off a very emotional cover of this beautiful song. It’s as if the pain of heartbreak can be heard in his voice.

3. In My Blood by Shawn Mendes

Y returned to Woollim The Live, and this time, he sang an English song! He sang this song as if he was the original artist! His English pronunciation is on point and he definitely can do any kind of song genre because he is talented like that!

4. I Believe by TVXQ

Y participated in King of Masked Singer in 2019 and sang his own version of “I Believe”. This is one of my favorites because it showed how great a singer he is. Even the panelists were amazed by his vocals and handsome looks! Too bad he didn’t win but he definitely made an impression on the audience!

5. Can I Love Again? by 4MEN, Davichi

Still, on King of Masked Singer, Y sang “Can I Love Again?” during the first round. And as always, he showed his powerful voice and the panelists were in awe. He truly has a powerful voice that will make you want to listen to him sing all day.

6. Because It’s A Different Time by Standing Egg

Y’s sweet and calming voice was shown in this beautiful cover of him of Standing Egg’s “Because It’s A Different Time”. It was a relaxing song that every Goldenness loved so much! Whenever I listen to this, I can feel his emotions through his voice and in my heart.

7. We All Lie by Ha Jin

Y gave justice in this cover of him of “We All Lie”. He sang another full English song and just like his cover of “In My Blood”, he had a very clear pronunciation of every word. He sounds so fluent with it! And if you’ve watched the drama “Sky Castle”, you know how intense this song was whenever they play it in the background. Y also gave off a very intense version of this song!

8. This Ain’t It by Taeyang

Golden Child is a recurring guest at BTOB’s Kiss The Radio. During their guesting, Y sang Taeyang’s “This Ain’t It” and he did so well in this one. His voice fits perfectly in this song. I hope he can sing more ballads in the future!

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9. Limousine by Be’O, MINO

Before his appearance in Bikira, Y kept listening to this song, and a week after that, he performed it live on the radio! He did not only sing but he also rapped! That’s how versatile our main vocal is!

10. Me After You by Paul Kim

On one of his appearances in Bikira, Y sang his own version of Paul Kim’s “Me After You”. He sang a very sweet and loving version of this song and it made me fall in love with him more. “Me After You” is one of my favorite songs and hearing my bias sing this is probably one of the best things that has ever happened!

11. Love In The Milky Way Cafe by 10CM

This one is a very good cover as well! You can also see him having fun while singing this!

12. Fall by Crush

This is also a very good cover by Y! He expressed the feelings of missing someone through this song and you can hear it in his voice. He can literally sing any genre and still make his own version of each song. He’s one of the best singers out there!

13. Seasons of the Heart by Seo In Guk

And yet again, he delivered a song with so many emotions while showing off his beautiful voice! How can you not love him? His voice is very calming and heartwarming.

14. Let’s Eat Together by Yoon Hyun Sang feat Yoon Bomi

Y proved once again that he is Golden Child’s main vocal! His live vocals never fail! He sang this very sweetly and I’m sure once you hear him sing this, you would want to eat with him!

15. The Sun Is In My Eyes by Y

Last March, it was announced the Y will be a part of the musical “Midnight Sun”. The musical started last May 5 and ended last June 26. Y played Jeong Haram in the musical.

Y showed a different side of him in this musical since he only did not sing, but also acted. As his fan, I am so proud of him since I saw him grow into the person that he is today. He sang all the songs beautifully and with all his heart.

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16. Good-bye Days by Y

Also coming from the musical “Midnight Sun”, Y sang a bit of “Good-bye Days” on Bikira!

17. A Melody Called You by Y

Unfortunately, there’s no full version of Y singing this song but here’s a short clip of Y’s version of “A Melody Called You”! He really has a sweet voice and I love how he sings this song. He has very loving eyes too!

18. The Rest by Y

On their pre-debut show called “Woollimpick”, Y played a song he composed titled “The Rest”. In this video, he even played the piano!

The song was never released but hopefully, in one of their albums, it will be released in the future!

19. If I Were The Wind by Y

As Y enlist in the military this March 20, 2023, he prepared his first digital single and is finally debuting solo after 6 years!

“If I Were The Wind” is Y’s first-ever solo single and his farewell song to Goldenness.

His beautiful voice is perfect to the ears and you can really feel his sadness in the way he sings.

Are you amazed by Y’s beautiful voice? Did you fall in love with him? Which of these songs is your favorite? Share it in the comments below!

Sungyoon, thank you for being a singer and an idol. Thank you for choosing this path in your life. You don’t know how much happiness you bring to your fans like me. You keep us going and happy on our sad days. Listening to you sing is what makes us happy. I hope you continue to do the things that you love and that you always choose yourself over anything else. I’m just one of the lucky people who get to know you this way and I hope the day will come that I get to tell you all these. You deserve all the love and success in the world. Always remember that Goldenness loves you very much! Happy birthday Choi Sungyoon! <3333

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